Splendid Reverse Worker (who has no name in Demontongue, except for yzch-yzch-yzch, which is the demonic interpretation of the sound of crickets) is a strange and mercurial demon with an uncertain status among the beings of Hell. Often it is seen that it illicits groveling obeisance from the Lord of the Desolate Shore himself, and yet finds itself spat upon by lowly imps clustering in the filthy, steaming streams of hatred and rage which gutter through the floors of Hell. It styles itself the Master of the Mirror Steppers, though it is certain that there are none and have never been any 'Mirror Steppers'.

This demon is human in proportion and general body. In appearance it is often likened to a human being (male or female, varying) who appears so generic, so normal, that it is certifiably abnormal. No creature could appear so undefined, so anti-unique. Splendid Reverse Worker casts no shadow, and reflects nothing in a mirror except for a curious blank spot which blots out portions of human reflections. None ever describe Splendid Reverse Worker exactly the same, possibly because the only truly memorable part of its appearance is the fact that it is totally immemorable.

Splendid Reverse Worker seems to be manifested ill luck. In its presence everything seems to go wrong- mirrors and glasses shatter, animals fall ill and are injured, tempers flare and depression looms, metal rusts, and a general environment of pure Murphy's Law occurs. This causes the demon considerable amusement, and it often simply stands, chuckling in a watery, eerie way at the damage which its aura causes. It is a supreme jokester, and loves dirty tricks and pranks (though rarely those which are truly dangerous, merely aggravating or damaging to property). It most delights in irony, which is its favorite of all tools- if it can cause an ironic thing to occur it will, having cutpurses stolen from, gossiping housewives chased from their homes by rumors, angry men slain by others gripped by fits of rage.

Splendid Reverse Worker is pleased by the shattering of mirrors in its presence and by beautiful and nubile slave-girls or doe-eyed sculpted slave-boys to be its lovers (generally in the most shocking and obscene of acts in the most public of places). It rarely comes in good time, and often comes long after the fact of its need or usefulness. Sorcerors who use Splendid Reverse Worker must be careful- its poor luck, its tricks, and its sense of irony often do in an unclever master.

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