Spear Sucker the Phalanx's Bane

Speak Sucker is a heavy, Dwarf-crafted, and very durable shield. It is made of forged steel, holding in place a thin slab of pitted stone.

History The Grand History of the Skkanden-Murdholm Wars

The Spear Sucker was developed during the Skkanden-Murdholm Clan Wars. The Skkanden Dwarves were large for dwarves, and ferocious warriors, they waded into combat with stone hammers and shields, crushing skulls and mangling their better-armored foes until they were a twisted amalgamation of metal, bone and gore. The Dwarves of Murdholm were a crafty lot, smaller with golden bears, in the face of the Skkanden's mauls and mattocks they turned to a more organized form of fighting. A phalanx of light, coned shields and long thrusting spears. The coned shields shed the hammer blows with some effort and training, and they were great openings discovered after the swings that were perfect for a spear to slip into. The Skkanden, holders of the Rek'Kurzik Stone-Holds, summoned their warrior-shamans, battlefield healers, to work their sacred stone of which many weapons and armors were made, into a defensive device.

The result was the bane of the Murdholm's fighting style, and the tides were turned. Today, both clans are extremely advanced weaponry and military tactics, having each evolved to match the other's ingenuity. They still fight over those ancestral homes, continuing their tug of war for land.

Magical Properties Well, what does it do?

The Spear Sucker Shield will absorb any weapon that strikes it, turn it around, and stick it back out. It is also knows as a Reversal Shield, and has been adapted to fit a variety of defensive needs. The original design would absorb the thrust spear and eject it in a similar manner, usually striking its original wielder.