This method works as follows: individuals are asked to think of a specific question applicable to a fixed point in the future (up to 50 year maximum), link hands with the fortune teller (the Soul Gazer), and gaze intently at the babies-in-the-eyes until told otherwise by the Soul Gazer. Soul Gazers do not ever provide interpretations, believing themselves to be conduits only for the babies-in-the-eyes that contain all the clues to the answers that individuals seek. Those who tried it often felt dazzled immediately afterwards but surprisingly, a large proportion of them reported favourably on its accuracy upon reflection.

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Incorporation into Roleplay:

This can be either some bit of colourful background for enhancing game atmosphere or it can form a component of 1 or 2 plot hooks. For example, the PCs run into a dillemma/dead-end on one of the adventures and what the Soul Gazer shows them can be a clue to lead them out if they can decode it. Or the whole thing with Soul Gazing might be just a swindle but somehow one of these Soul Gazers have gained prominence at a particular location and the PCs are hired by someone to expose him. These are the basic examples that come to mind of a non-gamer like me. Of course, one can always blend these basic ideas into a more complicated form. For example, there might be true and swindler Soul Gazers in the world. The PCs have this problem on their hands that have to be completed within X number of days. They get stuck and go to a Soul Gazer. Is this a true Soul Gazer that will give them the true answer that they just have to decode or is this a fake one that will just waste their time?