This is a ritual performed by craftsmen in the Dragon Empire in order to create the one masterpiece of their lives. Despite its name, this does not involve souls. Instead, it is a process of deep meditation through the practice of crafts during which part of the crafter's life force (in energy form) is transferred to the item. The items created from this process are called Soul Constructs. Generations after the Sundering of Zia, someone in possession of a Soul Construct made by the deceased and is willing to sacrifice some of his/her life essence can resurrect a loved one.

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Soul Constructs:

Those familiar with the creator of a particular Soul Construct often feel that it exudes an aura that reminds them of the craftsman (presumably due to the life force of the person contained within it). These items are each unique with at least one special feature to set them apart from common items. For Soul Constructs that are weapons in particular, many carry a minor enchantment that is powered by the life force of its creator. The nature of such enchantments is often tied to the ideal picture of a masterpiece that the craftsman had in mind rather than a reflection of the person that the craftsman was.

Example of a Soul Construct: Twin Lotus

Soul Constructs and Resurrection:

In this setting, once a life form passed on, its spirit still lingers in the world. However, the dissipation of life forces that accompanies death means that it will lose connection to its own physical body. In a resurrection driven by a Soul Construct, what happens is that a person is effectively donating some of his/her own life force to the deceased so that the spirit will get pulled back into the physical body to live for a while again.