Songs of Silicon

The haunting, eerie ‘songs’ of the Thoron.

The grand majority of known sentient lifeforms thoughts are physically electrical. The Thoron are no exception to this, though they are organized in a far different pattern than in the pink-gray flesh that stores the memories of a man. Rather, their mind is formed within by the combinations of hundreds of thousands of wave functions within a complex and many-faceted organ buried within their crystalline bodies.

It is possible to cross-post a snapshot of this pattern to a digital video or audio device, and through a difficult transformation of data, render it into a sort of music. Impossibly complex and hauntingly evocative, the Songs of Silicon contain at once hundreds of melodies that snag at the thinking mind, each track twisting at the mind in a different manner each time.

Particularly prized by philosophers, scientists, and deep-spacers, the Songs occasionally permit enormous leaps of intellect in the human mind, as the patterns twist and tease at the recognition abilities of the human mind, in ways that neither the sound nor the original thoughts affect the Thoron.

Very few people, however, ever ‘own’ more than one or two of the Songs, owing to the tremendous data storage requirements, combined with the rarity of Thoron available to commit a scan of their functional mind to a musical device. While the Thoron do not have an idea of privacy per se, the First and the All both agree that there are more useful things to do.

Because of their value to collectors and thinkers, the rights to the duplication and distribution of the Songs of Silicon tend to be contentious. While there are a few that have been ‘mass delivered’, many more rest as single or a small handful of copies, and there are always those who desire them - PCs may be used to seek them out.

Alternately, the PCs may be sent to seek out a Thoron for the purpose recording a song. Convincing it that doing so is beneficial can be difficult.

These may also be used as rewards for a quest, either directly from the Thoron, or from collectors.


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Thoron, the Crystal Ones By: Siren no Orakio
Lifeforms • Intelligent Species • Other

The Thoron. The great crystal ones. The Speakers of Lightning. The unstoppable wall. The unmovable force. Many are their names, few are their numbers, even less is the understanding Man has of them.

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I think this is the result of a quip I relayed from a friend, when she saw Embraced-A-Star, which was a comment about particularly small ones being on small metal bands. Siren being Siren, he saw 'bands' and thought 'music', as opposed to jewelry...

And lo, apparently the idea enthused him.

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