Political Purpose

The Social Justice Accelerator shares many things in common with the similarly named research accelerator programs. The core of the SJA or SJ-XL is to tackle a social, political, or economic issue in a very short amount of time through a centrally funded technology backed research group. Fundamentally it is just a variation on a research accelerator, but rather than producing a piece of technology or a finished product, it produces public opinion, propaganda programs, and punditry. At a phenomenal rate.

Considered one of the failings of the cognocracy in general, but specifically of the Andromeda Council, is that the machine intelligences operate without the emotional and cultural foibles of organic based minds. Most will hold that this is the most important reason to support machine intelligence and allowing said machines to run things that are too large and too important to trust in the fallible hands of a handful of people. Various attempts would be made to usurp the machines, to place a human leader over the machines and to force the machines to enact their bidding. Invariably, these groups and individuals would fail. The largest reason for such ventures was for the group supporting the leader to move into power where they could pass laws and actions that favored their cultural interests while likewise punishing and oppressing other groups of people who offended them.

While this angered extremist groups, for the most part, the population strongly preferred their cognocratic lifestyle. The economy was stable, the quality of life was acceptable, the environment was on the mend, and while there was fairly constant war, this wasn't the large and destructive war of the past, it was skirmishes and duels between small groups of soldiers and almost chivalric battles between mecha.

This irritated people who desired to have power to go along with their wealth.

Have Agenda, Will Finance

With the direct course of action (thankfully) blocked those wished to move themselves and their views into positions of power had to find an enda round. They found this in the daily discourse. The system was designed to protect the entirety of the nation and it's people, and that meant that the common discourse could alter the operation of the system. It was just a matter of propaganda and social manipulation. Proponents of the SJ-XL will claim that manipulation is a neutral term that has been dirtied by those in the past who enacted horrific crimes and long periods of brutality through the effective use of propaganda and controlling the media and public opinion. Likewise, positive changes in society were the result of social manipulation.

With access to large amounts of non-credit capital, various groups were able to fund the creation of Human Resource Research Groups. These groups were dream tank and super computer equipped advertising and communications businesses that were for hire. This gave legitimacy to various programs that were run through these companies. If there was anything not on the level or questionable, then the SJ-XL company wouldn't take the job.

Behind the Scenes

If you follow the money trail, it will lead to the real people in charge. The Social Justice Accelerators were glorified ad agencies, and most of their ledger was stocked with mundane product placement, public awareness campaigns, and public safetly announcements

There are always going to be clandestine operations, and there are certainly underground SJ-XLs. These can range from the fairly mundane governmental types that handle the dissemination of potentially shocking information, to managing scandal in the public eye, to internal operations that deal with the sort of cut and dry insider things that amount to paperwork and humdrum. These are secretive due to handling sensitive information, or internal secrets of various organizations. These are also not terrible interesting, exciting, or malignant.

There are hostile SJ-XLs. These operators espouse creeds of racism, violence, and bigotry. They work to normalize their views, and to spread these views to a largely neutral audience.

There are anti-corp and anti-national SJ-XLs that denounce borders, meritocratic systems, social classes, and many standing traditions.

There are anarchist SJ-XLs that promote the destruction of police and public property, attacking apathy, and bringing down things like the arcologies and shutting down space colonization and exploration.

Author's Note: if you have an extreme or radical view you want spread through a specific area, a SJ-XL is how you weaponize your view or idea. Doesn't matter what it is, the XL is a means to an end.


The methodology of the SJ-XL is to turn a manifesto into a series of ideas, which are turned into memes, opinions, editorials, and other injections into the daily discourse and the CogNet. The trick behind the accelerator is that the people who funded the program are concealed, and the manifesto itself is never revealed. After it has been running for a while, people that are going to be drawn to the ideology are eventually going to find their own way, independently (with some assistance) to the core manifesto. Having long since been primed by the operation of the accelerator and it's stream of conscious manipulation, they will attach to said belief system.

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