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February 10, 2017, 10:02 am

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Smoke Tellers of the Stolen World


A loose organization of those touched by the elemental plane of Smoke to combat the PCs


Sasssss issssssss, a very malevolent (as well as chaotic) quasi-deity of primal smoke, dwelling at the intersection of the elemental planes of fire and air, has a plan. Wishing to spread his influence and gain additional power, has opened about 14 rifts on the homeworld. These rifts augment those who breathe in the elemental smoke. They are granted increased intelligence, including warlord like leadership abilities and magic use. They are just a lot more independent then he was hoping for. Creating a Smoke Teller is as simple as having a sentient breathe the output of one of these rifts for several hours. An interesting side effect , is that through sexual reproduction, any offspring will be Smoke Tellers. Smoke Tellers will all have eyes that to one degree or another glow with fire and be surrounded by a smoky or sulfurous smell. As they are all unique individuals not much of a summation be made of their personalities. In some ,their chaotic nature makes it impossible to interact with anyone other than their subordinates or summoned compatriots . Others with more warlod abilities can be extremely charming and cunning. Always they will be touched by both evil and chaos.


As their creator is highly chaotic, no two Smoke Tellers are alike. They will manifest some combination of the following abilities, to greatly varied intensity. It is also not uncommon for the individual Smoke Teller to only gain one of these abilities to an extreme level. All are granted some level of greater intellect.

Arcane Spell Like Ability

By far the most.common, This individual gains the use of the most common form of spellcasting, not requiring memorization. Any air , fire, evil or force spells are possible. These spells will most likely be accompanied by foul sulfurous smells and eye burning smoke. Common spells such as fireball will be changed to smoke balls of poisonous vapor.

Smoke Elemental Summoning

A smoke elemental is a combination of an air and a fire elemental, doing damage with a corrosive blast of burning, ember filled air. They fly and are highly vulnerable to air and water spells and effects. They vary greatly in power level.

Summon Smoklings

Smoklings are more tangible beings of the elemental plane of smoke, being way more oriented toward beings of fire They are roughly man sized and of a charcoal like consistency, with flames and smoke emanating from them. They attack with flaming swords and are basiclly grunts. Smoklings are usually summoned in groups of 2D6

Warlord Ability

These Smoke Tellers will have heightened charisma and attract evil creatures like bugbears or orcs. They will possess supernatural levels of tactics and leadership, being for example able to grant additional attacks to their followers. They will also be formidable melee fighters themselves.

Evil Priest Abilities

This is by far the least common ability possessed. True priests of Sasssss'issssssss are very rare and the result is that the organization of the Smoke Tellers is very loose and not at all what the deity had in mind.


Only 3 of the 14 rifts have spawned true priesthood's and so far Sasssss'issssssss has failed to organize any of them. His basic mistake was giving them too much freewill and not making them dependent on him for spells and abilities, he was too lazy and chaotic in his work. The true chaos embodied in them, means that only a few Smoke Tellers have been able to associate with each other and the only thing they all agree on is their desire to create more Smoke Tellers.

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Based an the picture of a M:TG card

2017-02-03 01:49 PM » Link: [8641#97192|text]
link to M:TG CARD

2017-02-03 03:54 PM » Link: [8641#97198|text]
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Comments ( 4 )
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Voted Cheka Man
February 3, 2017, 14:23
Fun if perhaps a little overpowered. 4/5
Voted Scrasamax
February 3, 2017, 15:50
I think the Warlord Ability is the neatest part of this, the ability to built the hierarchy of nefarious races.

Very cool.

The rest is good, and I enjoyed reading it
Voted Moonlake
February 6, 2017, 19:06
Overall, this is quite fresh and I especially like that the Smoke Tellers are not all alike but quite diverse in power and they still retain their own autonomy. At first I felt it a little jarring to be told that the Smoke tellers were a lot more independent than Ssssssss Issssss hoped for, which I interpreted that as being just the nature of the rifts, and that this was a mistake on the part of SI. But then I re-read the first sentence. I guess the two could go together since SI is just a quasi-deity and he could be not 100% control of how the rifts operate.
Voted Murometz
February 7, 2017, 13:15
Love all para-elemental stuff, and nice idea here...rifts exuding magical smoke. Almost reminiscent of Marvel's Terrigen Mists in a way too. Pretty cool.


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