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January 19, 2007, 6:52 pm

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Sitri Andromalion


Sitri Andromalion has been the local druid of the Vepar Valley as long as anyone can remember. The local populace, long used to the wisdom and experience of the old druid are concerned as his health is failing…


Sitri dresses in the typical fashion of the druids, favoring a cloak of neutral color to better blend into his forest home. Soft leather boots, and a tooled leather blet are constant companions as is his trusted bow of ash. He is older than any druid of the Vepar valley that has come before him, a fact not lost on the locals. He is white-headed and his face bears the passage of many winters and many summers as well. Some liken him to a saddle-bag with eyes and a sly grin.


Sitri was once a fledgeling ranger, stalking the wilds of the Vepar valley, and locals further away. He slunk through the underbrush as quiet as a mouse, and as deadly as a viper. For many years he served the local druid, Marchaois, and soon found himself apprenticed to the wise man. He learned a dread secret in those days of his youth.

Marchaois was getting older, and was feeling the passage of the years. His old wounds ached worse in the winter, and the hot tea of forest herbs and dried lichen were not so good at alleviating the pain anymore. He revealed to his best apprentice that he was in fact dying, and was close to returning the Mother’s earthen womb. Sitri was understandable upset, but it was a great honor to be chosen as the next Druid of the valley.

Sitri untook the Final Burijan, or the last pilgrimage. He voyaged as far as he could in a single year, passing through forests strange and familiar, exploring the odd cities of man, and the cystal spired keeps of the elves. He returned and found Marchaois on his deathbed, too weak to stand any longer.

The Druid was carried to the heart of the sacred grove, where the essence of the Earth Mother was closer to the real world than any other. In the twilight, between the day of youth and the night of old age, Marchaois began the ritual of Wisdom, in which the essence of the valley would pass from him into its new vessel, Sitri. The ritual lasted until the next dawn, where as the sun rose, Sitri felt the stirrings of power pass into his breast.

He was forever bound to the Vepar Valley, no longer able to pass beyond its boundaries. But so long as he was there, he was privy to anything that occured in the valley. He knew the passage of the deer, and the scuttling talk of the squirrels in the trees. This was pleasing, and thus he knew that the life of the Valley was his, and his belonged to the Valley. Such is the bond of the Druids of the Vepar.

For long years Sitri protected the valley from many a foe, and enlightened many to the wisdom of the Earth mother, and the ways of the living forest. The locals began to rely on the wise man to arbitrate their disputes, and to seek his guidance in the growing of the crops and the disposition of the livestock.

He proved himself beyond a doubt when he called upon the power of the elders wisdom, the wisdom of the druids that had come before him. He drew upon the magic of their passage, and the skill of their chants and dances, and drew the forest to life. The trees struck down the unnatural enemies of the valley, and the feral cats slunk into the camps of the enemies to terrify their horses, while their foodstock was stolen by the raccoons and other small creatures. Thus was the wisdom of the druids venerated and survived another day.

But such things are transient. Sitri began to feel the passage of the years, and the weight of the winters that had come and gone. It was time…past time…to find a suitable apprentice to pass the mantle of the druid onto before he perished.

Roleplaying Notes:

Sitri is a wise man, who has seen a great deal of life, despite the fact that he has not left the valley in well over forty to fifty years. He remains vigorous despite his age, and he has the spirit of the fox, both playful and cunning, wise and still youthful. He often has a joke to tell, or a story to spin for the youngsters, but such stories have greater meaning for those who know how to listen.

Plot Hooks
Missing - Sitri is desperately looking for an apprentice to pass the mantle of the druid upon. This is vital, as the mantle (not a physical item) must be passed from living druid to living druid, else the line of knowledge is lost, and forever gone. such a loss ins considered a sin against the Earth Mother who first created the bond of the Druids. Will a PC accept the mantle, and be forever tied to the valley in exchange for the greater wisdom. Will the PC’s help Sitri find a new apprentice?

Lost! - An enemy of the Valley has found Sitri’s apprentice and captured the druid to be. The PC’s have to challenge the villian and rescue the apprentice to prevent the destruction of the lineage. This is exactly what the villian wants, as the druids of the valley have long been an impediment to his plans.

Inspired by Nobody’s Shaman thread.,2283.0.html

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Comments ( 4 )
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Voted Zylithan
November 15, 2005, 1:09
I really like it when people have plots hooks, and I like a good back story. You've given a very good description of this character here, but my complaint is that the character is similar to many many woodland druids with very little to set him apart. I don't feel like I understand this character on a personal level. I don't know what animals he treasures, and whether he likes sunrise or sunset better. How does he feel about civilization?
November 15, 2005, 16:38
I think the sixth paragraph would answer several of these questions, as it shows that the Druid served as an arbitrator to the locals, as well as keeping his valley safe. As for details such as his favorite animal, or his preference for sunrise or sunset, I try to pass along a feel for a character rather than setting out something set in stone. If I list Sitri's favorite animal is a blue-scaled Masuchi Dragon-lizard, what good does that do someone if they dont know what that critter is. His favorite animal can be whatever you want it to be, or need it to be.
Voted Murometz
March 24, 2006, 17:12
I want his favorite animal to be a chipmunk! *POOF*

great character.
Voted valadaar
April 3, 2014, 11:59
This is really an archtype - I kind of agree with Zylithan in that it feels a little generic, and more like a role as opposed to person. I don't' need to know his favourite animal, but I would like a little more.

As such, the plot ideas that build off this are the best part.

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