Filename: Sir. Richard Lasker

Morphology: Standard Human

Race: Germanian

Sex: Male

Current Age: 23

Occupation: Warrior of the Bloodtooth Orc Tribe

Current Residence: Bloodtooth Tribe Stronghold

Faction/s: Knights of Ratristan, Bloodtooth Orc Tribe

Background: Born under Sir. Gunnar Lasker and Lady Annalena Lasker, Sir. Richard is a high ranking knight in service to Duke Rob Grossman. While he performs his duties well, the duke has expressed concern with his attitude and behavior towards others. Especially towards people who are not of noble birth. His belief that all low birth persons exist solely to serve their betters and be whipped into submission should they complain has caused much strife in the duchy.

Most of the others in the royal court have tolerated his viewpoints for a while but things have been going downhill ever since the Guild of Technomancers has revealed that he rains down abuse upon anyone who doesn't "show him proper respect". He even beat an entire family of farmers for offending him with their words. This has caused people to protest his behavior. Not wanting to be the one to have to deal with a potential revolt, the duke contacted an orc warlord known as Korgak who leads the Bloodtooth Orc Tribe.

He requested that they take Richard in and teach him some humility. As such, under the pretense of going out hunting, he was lured into the hands of four of the best warriors in the Bloodtooth tribe. They jumped him, tied him up, and carted him off to their stronghold while he was loudly protesting the whole way. Of course he tried fighting them off but he was not as good at combat as he thought and they overpowered him.

Once they brought him before Korgak, he explained to the young knight that the duke requested that the tribe teach him some humility. And that they were authorized to do whatever they see fit to make sure he got the message. Which included roughing him up a bit. Obviously Richard was not having any of it and began yelling slurs. As punishment he had the knight undergo the initiation trial for the tribe. This entailed a brawl with the chieftain of the tribe.

They stripped him of his weapons and armor and made him wear some crude orcish armor. They then tossed him into the stronghold arena where Korgak was waiting for him. When the fight began, Richard was overpowered almost immediately and it became less of a fight and more a beat down. Needless to say, he failed the trial and was humiliated as a result. He was then tossed into one of the huts to rub his bruises.

Now he was treated like the surfs he always treated like shit. They pushed him around and he had to do whatever a member of the tribe asked him to do. This entailed everything from preparing the food and other menial tasks. They even had him join hunting parties and make him kill the animals knowing full well that he would get his ass handed to him. The tribe shaman was always ready to heal his broken body when they got back though.

Sometimes he would get an attitude with them, but that just earned him 100 lashes with a rawhide bullwhip. The orcs would laugh at his pathetic cries of pain during these punishments. This only made the whipping more humiliating. When he would say that nobles never got whipped, he was only given an additional 20 lashes to drive home the point that his nobility had no meaning to the tribe.

Current Status: Sir. Richard has been forced to undergo the initiation trial multiple times and after failing about 18 times, he finally passed by the skin of his teeth. As an official member of the Bloodtooth Orc Tribe, he was given the scarification marks and tattoos of the tribe as mandated by tradition.

While he has learned his lesson in humility well. The Duke has decided that he must remain with the Bloodtooth Tribe for the next 10 years in order to get some real combat experience in the field. Richard is not happy about this but he has no choice.

The Duke knows that his tribal markings will remind him of this lesson.

End of line.

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