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January 14, 2006, 5:51 pm

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Sir Kevin Keydricks


A noble wizard with heart pure gold and feet… um, actually; hands on the ground.

Special Equipment:

Shoes of Antigravity.


Sir Kevin is very polite man with good manners. He speaks like noble person but he isn’t too proud about his noble background. He isn’t a racist (like people usually are in the fantasy worlds) and gets along well with many kind of people. He’s mage but he doesn’t look like it. He wears a green jacket, a white silk shirt, green kneepants and white socks… yeah and those things called shoes of antigravity. His hair is blonde and his eyes are blue. He is about thirty years old. He is not short but not long and he is quite a thin fellow.


Kevin is a young mage who has learned his ways of magic in a teachery of a great illusionist mage Knadrun Junips who didn’t just teach him the ways of magic, but did also teach him a lot about physical laws which belong to the basic teachings of illusionist mages. Kevin lived for eight years with the master in his mansion (Knadruns, not Kevins mansion).

Well, Kevin was interested. Actually he was so interested that one day he decided to break the physical laws and show them the true power of illusionism. For a year he made many kinds of tests with physical laws. His master Knadrun didn’t know about these tests because Kevin only did them at night when master was asleep.

Finally, after all the studies and tests, Kevin managed to make something that made him quite a happy man: The Shoes Of Antigravity. Kevin put them on and suddenly he FELL to the roof of his room.

Now, over four years after that wonderful experiment, Kevin kinda trademarked his shoes. He “walks” around with his hands with heavy weights tied to his wrists and his shoes (and of course, his feet) are pointing towards the sky. Everyone around his home grounds knows him and he is very popular amongst children and everybody at the local pubs want to offer him a drink when he arrives.

Kevin is very happy about his amazing shoes and he hardly never takes them off. His family aren’t too happy about Kevins invention because they think that Kevin is making himself a clown who disgraces the family.

Kevin doesn’t give a heck about that.

Roleplaying Notes:

Kevin isn’t too good at magic. He only uses it to make other peoples living more easier. He is a kind man. His alignment is chaotic Good. Kevin can be used as a humorous side character but he is also well suitable for travelling with the PC:s as a friend. He lives in a small village or in his family mansion near small village.

Yeah, and Kevin has developed a new style of fighting. He uses his legs at handling a quarterstaff. He is quite good at it, actually.

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Comments ( 6 )
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December 10, 2003, 22:58
Don't bother giving out the D&D stats. We don't care about them.
December 11, 2003, 5:25
I duon't know if it's against the rules of the Citadel or not, but I don't mind having D&D sats included at all. They can be useful if you want to use the NPC/Item/Plot in D&D. One could have a lot of control with one's ideas and other can easliy import them into their games.
December 11, 2003, 8:41
Well, now they're gone. I have to admit: Maybe those stats made too much limits to GM:s.
But on the other hand... well, huck it. They're gone.
December 12, 2003, 3:50
I think this character would be hard to pull off. I would have to assume they can walk on air and the motion itself somehows propels him.

Interesting concept but I think I would draw the line at being outdoors and only have him indoors doing this stunt. Instead give him the ability to walk up walls and end up on the ceiling.

Having him wander around outside upside down would probably go to far for my taste. That would open up the door to the same boots being used but being right side up, since there is no practical reason why he would have to be upside down if the boots could cause a certain weight to float a certain height. Interesting character to add some flavor to a town though, that is for sure. I can picture using him as a source of information and visit him at home where he has tables and chairs connected to the ceiling somehow and having to talk to him like that.

I don't have the problem with stats that a few others do. If you feel it adds something to the character to have them, then that is fine. In this case the character's actions are the point so stats add nothing even if somebody chose to use him.
Voted valadaar
October 16, 2006, 16:01
An amusing sub. Not that useful but I like it. I think it could use a little more work.
Voted axlerowes
April 10, 2009, 2:23
This reminds me of character that might be central to a children's book. Indeed, I think this post would be much improved if it was written as lyrical poem. Additionally, I know sticking the gaming stats in is faux pas around here, but I don't see why it would be a problem if the it as an afterwards, and you could also reflect several game systems.

The main use I can see for this character is as somebody who would really annoy the PCs. As much as the roleplaying world should be made up of Nerds who know better, there is an awful lot of hazing that goes on in RPG communities. As an NPC this would be a character that had never been hazed, certainly in some of my campaigns the PCs would have despised him simply for his nonchalant use of magic. This NPC and his absurd nature would be an upfront mocking of PC's self-importance and seriousness.

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