Full Item Description
What you hold in your hand is essentially bottled darkness. That orb-like glass vial filled with the impenetrable black substance? That is Shadow Swill.
Shadow Swill is a common item to find among a Shadow Caster's personal items. It is made from leftover Shadow residue after the use of Shadow magic in item creation. A small amount, usually one vial, of Shadow can be captured after it is summoned and then stored for later use in other Shadow magic, as a weapon, or even to grant the powers of Shadowform.
The Three Prime uses for Shadow Swill
It can be used in the creation of Shadow items, much like summoning the Shadows yourself. It's easier, but you require more of it. Think of it like recycling leftover magic instead of letting it go to waste.
You can also throw the vial as a weapon. When the Shadow Swill is released: It will fragment; and lunge at the nearest light sources in an attempt to smother them. It won't have the best aim, and some stray fragments of Shadow are likely to cause Shadow Burns* on whatever they strike.
Or, if for some reason you can not perform the most basic of Shadow spells, and need to see in the darkness, you can attempt to "drink" some Shadow Swill. This is a dangerous task with some potentially severe side effects.
First of all, you need to open the flask directly into your mouth, and force the thick, choking, darkness into your body. If you manage not to spew it everywhere, you will undergo a change, and become more attuned to the Shadow. This will cause the whites of your eyes, your fingernail and toenails, and your veins, to turn pure black. You will only be able to exist in darkness. for the light will burn you away to nothing, but you will have a few potent abilities for roughly a hour. This form is know as your Shadowself, and can be useful if used wisely.
Shadowself Powers and Weaknesses
When in your Shadowself form, you have only a fraction of your previous senses and strength, everything appears hazy and incoherent. Vision is blurred and sound is scrambled. However, you will be able to meld into shadows and travel through them at incredible speeds. You can also inflict Shadow Burns with a touch and shape Shadow into simple solid objects like an advanced Shadowcaster. However, you cannot pass through a brightly lit area, and any light will slow you down and weaken you.

*Shadow Burns
A affliction similar to freezer burn caused by the stinging chill of pure Shadow. It appears on the skin as an inflamed black scar and causes a severe numbing sensation to travel through the body. The cure is simple, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, but can be hard to obtain if the wound is suffered in a dungeon or at night. The numbing sensation can make it hard to use limbs or perform an action that require the sense of touch.

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