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September 20, 2016, 3:54 pm

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Seyann Phenoclade


Post-Racial template for the Cosmic Era

Appearance: The Seyann phenoclade was built on the Anglo-Nordic phenotype, and thus, Seyann phenoclades are marked by pale complexions and typically nordic features. The phenoclade is somewhat taller than human standard, but also more slender in build. In many ways, the Seyann phenoclade is very similar to the North American 'Quenyan' neo-elf phenoclade. There is one striking difference, the Seyann have alopecia, the complete lack of hair. Seyann phenoclades are easily seen for their bald heads, both male and female.

Empathy: The Seyann are engineered with innate empathy and telepathy (limited to touch).

The Seyann experiment was to create an emotional zeitgest within a population, without creating a hive mind. The prototype culture of Seyann lived in close proximity, and because of this, frequently shared their emotional state through their tele-empathic nature. The experiment was considered a success, and the template phenoclade was released for general purchase. Megacorps and space operations found the Seyann template valuable as the people born from the template excelled in the medical profession, as well as in negotiations and diplomatic endeavors.

Pheromones: One of the surprises buried in the Seyann code were the presence of Pheromone Pumps, giving the Seyann the ability to be very attractive to other sentient beings. This attraction was the strongest between Seyann, an internal programming to keep the germline pure.

The Seyann phenoclade is fairly popular among those who can afford to purchase clones, as they make consummate companions. There is a slight risk as engaging in sexual relations with a Seyann is not just a physical experience. Through their telepathic abilities, the act of coitus is a melding of minds as well as the tangling of limbs and exchange of bodily fluids. Two people who join thusly are going to be changed by the experience. Most Seyanns have had a lifetime of experience with their telepathic powers, while humans are not.

Production: There are not many Seyanns in the Solar System, and most have sequestered themselves away from the bulk of humanity, as their telepathy renders them fairly vulnerable to the mental noise that boils out of humanity. The handful that do frequent human strongholds do so with psychic helmets that contain their abilities and have auto-conditioned celibacy codes.

The Seyann are classified as Synthetic, and generally accorded second class resident rights (or less). This is another reason they keep to themselves and away from humanity. In places like the Wastelands, Seyann slaves command ridiculous prices.

Based on the Deltans from Star Trek: The Motion Picture

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Voted Aramax
January 22, 2017, 19:04
4.5/5 Very nice!! Very evocative of your source material!!!!!!!!



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