Grand Blade of the Python

This massive two handed sword can bend like a tentacle and can grasp a foe with its blade. It is long enough to grab a human sized (or smaller) target. The wielder can choose if the flat or the edge of the blade is used, with the flat causing edged damage only if the victim struggles. If the edge is used to constrict the target, it will cause massive damage, eventually severing the grasped portion like massive scissors.

Dagger of the Viper

This dagger is small, slender and has a slightly flamboyant blade. When commended by its wielder, the blade becomes a small poisonous viper and detaches from the dagger's grip. The viper will carry out any commands by its owner and can travel up to 500 feet from the grip. The wielder is obliged to provide some type of prey for the viper once a month, or it will detach on its own to go hunting from time to time. If prevented from hunting it will eventually attack its wielder.

Blade of the Serpent

This weapon is permanently poisoned with snake venom. It is a dangerous weapon to use as it provides no protection for its wielder - even basic maintenance such as cleaning and sharpening pose a poisoning risk. It will also poison any ground the blade touches, eventually poisoning a 20' radius circle where nothing will grow.

Saber of the Sidewinder

This blade, though not poisoned, can flick and strike like a cobra, even with the wielder holding their hands steady. This grants a greater chance to hit one's opponent and these attacks are much more difficult to parry. The blade is aggressive and unsafe to leave unsheathed when not in combat- it will tend to strike at anything that moves suddenly nearby.

Sword of Spitting

This long sword is permanently envenomed and any wounds will be mildly poisoned. In addition, it can periodically spit the venom at an opponent in close combat (5' or less). It will target an enemy's eyes. As with the blade of the serpent, it is a dangerous weapon to own, though its toxin is less deadly.

Sword of Sensing

This sword magnifies nearby body heat, allowing the wielder to detect warm-blooded creatures nearby. Carrying the weapon for too long will make the wielder want to eat small rodents and birds - or more so, if they were previously so inclined.

Saber of Entrancing

This blade will draw the attention of any snake or snake-like creatures, serving to distract them and providing a means to entrance them. More intelligent snake-beings are likely to throw off the effect, but most snakes can be partially controlled by their wielder.

It takes time for the bearer to entrance snakes, and if the performance is interrupted all affected snakes will be enraged with the wielder. Due to the attention it draws from serpents, it has a greater chance to hit them, but will also draw their attacks.

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