This is a special spell that is connected to a magi-tech console which acts as a search scanner for the detection of contraband.

The spell is often used by guards at security checkpoints to ensure that people don't smuggle banned items into the area. It is used at the entrances at settlements, border checkpoints, castle and military installations, and any other place that requires inspection of personnel and containers going in or out.

The magi-tech console allows the spell to be configured to detect specific enchantments, magical properties, objects, substances, etc.

When the spell is cast on a person or container, anything that the spell is configured to detect will glow bright red and be visible even if it is covered by something. This allows unauthorized or forbidden things to be quickly found without physical contact or inspection.

It can only be cast on one person at a time however. But multiple containers can be cast on at once. Becuase of this and the 5 second casting time, it is often only used in random searches to increase checkpoint efficiency.

The one thing it cannot detect however, is spells that are only cast by the person itself.

Special magical techniques allow the scanning spell to bypass any attempts to conceal things.
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