Strolenati Containment & Protection Foundation:


Item No. 2089

Never mind, it appears it cannot be terminated.

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-2089 must be kept inside its original location at REDACTED in which the chambers are protected with a unique set of Level 10 Containment Class Runes which are described in the documents found at the site. Under no circumstances should the runes be compromised in any way. Doors in the containment site must be opened correctly and not be damaged or forced open. This may compromise the runes and result in a breach of containment.

At least 30 Spellswords and Battlemages with Adamantium Plate Armor Suits must be present at the containment site at all ties. They must be equipped with Spiked Maces, Long Swords, and Crossbows and Arrows of the same material. They should also be able to cast frost, electric, and fire based spells of wide area and power levels of 10.

Should SCP-2089 become aggressive, immediately follow protocols to neutralize it as there are only a few seconds to react before it attacks. When neutralizing SCP-2089, target the heart with weapons and spells. Once neutralized, SCP-2089 is to be returned to the containment site. In the event of a containment breach, all nonessential personnel and others are to be evacuated to a distance of least 10 km away.

No unauthorized personnel are to be allowed to enter the containment site under any circumstances nor should anyone attempt to interact with it.

There might be other effective methods of containment that could be deduced from its nature but none have been found so far.

Object Description:

SCP-2089 is a sentient humanoid that is 3 meters in hight. It is composed of exposed bleeding muscle tissue and razor sharp teeth and claws. It is unnaturally strong and highly aggressive. There are no known methods of terminating it.

The creature's distinct lack of skin but intact muscle tissue indicates that it has been flayed and shows signs of significant mutilation. This suggests that it experienced extreme torture before turning into SCP-2089.

It is currently unknown where it gets all of the blood from. Although the flesh can be damaged, the skeletal structure cannot be affected by any known means magical or not. When it attacks it will reduce its targets to a 'gory mess' according to eyewitness accounts. However no traces of its victims are left behind. It can thus be assumed that the victim is devoured completely.

SCP-2089 possesses unnatural strength and is able to, according to REDACTED, completely crush a human skull. It is also capable of breaching our containment blast doors. As such SCP-2089 is to be considered extremely dangerous. It shows no need to feed and is not powered by any known necromantic enchantments.

People within the presence of SCP-2089 will experience hallucinations of gored people. These instances are known as SCP-2089-1. According to some old documents recovered from the original containment site, these instances are of the creature's past victims and once sighted, will attempt to warn the person of the danger and to leave immediately.

Should a person see any instances of SCP-2089-1 that person is to flee at least 10 km from the area immediately. It will not attack if it does not spot its target. SCP-2089 does not appear to pursue anyone it attacks should they be able to successfully evade it.

Research into the origins of SCP-2089 suggest that the ancient civilization of REDACTED is responsible for its creation. It indicate that the REDACTED had a form of execution designed to be extremely painful. The victim is systematically flayed alive and mutilated.

The REDACTED texts the foundation managed to recover indicate that SCP-2089 is a metaphysical incarnation of the victim's pain that fuses itself to the victim and keeps it alive. Also the texts indicate that there might be more then one instance of SCP-2089. It appears that instances of SCP-2089 can be created from humanoid creatures if subjected to significant amounts of pain, torture, and mutilation. But it must result in death for it to work.

Be on the lookout for more instances of SCP-2089. If any are sighted they are to be captured immediately and contained. There should be less then 10 according to local legends. However this is not exactly known for sure.

Some of the key distinct features that can assist in identifying it are as follows:

The creature's eyes show small white lights the size of pinpricks.
The lower jaw is missing and the teeth are elongated and razor sharp.
Its finger tips end in large razor sharp claws.
The exposed muscle tissue is warm and moist as if it has been freshly flayed.
It bleeds constantly and will leave blood everywhere it goes.
The creature is fully naked but has no genitalia.


Due to multiple incidents in which containment has been breached resulting in unacceptable casualties of foundation personnel, it has been decided that SCP-2089 must be terminated. A Termination Order has been issued and will be carried out in three days.


All attempts to terminate SCP-2089 have failed. Every method of destruction that is possible both magical and not has been tried and all of them have failed. They appear to work at first but then 72 hours later it is back as if nothing happened. The creature simply rematerializes and the reanimates itself by some unknown process. The Termination Order is hereby rescinded.

It appears the only thing that can be done is keep it contained.


This is Dr. REDACTED reporting. This creature is a handful! It has breached containment 3 times this week! It can force the containment doors open with little effort! According to those papers that have been recovered from where is was found, the team breaching its tomb compromised some kind of warding runes that kept it contained before. The runes have been documented on these papers.

As such I have updated the containment procedures, description, and upgraded its class from Euclid to Keter.

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