Nowdays the town of Pier Point is just a seaside town under the control of Vallermoore, but once it was a powerful city state in it's own right. In those days the dead kings and queens were buried with great treasures to use in the next world. Centuries passed, royal burial
customs changed, and the great marble tombs were no longer guarded as they had been. Knowing this, tomb robbers broke into them one by one to strip them of their valueable cargos.

In one, however, the tomb of King Arkon, they got a lot more then they were looking for. A Wight had long ago made this tomb into it's home and settled down to sleep.When disturbed, it slew those who woke it, devouring their souls, and then went on a rampage, slaughtering villagers, traders, Royal Guardsmen, swallowing their souls and growing stronger with every killing until it attained near-lich proportions. One of those who it killed in the first few hours was Princess Dora, the King's only child, and her entire escort.

Trade was brought to a near standstill and food became scarce as few dared to harvest their crops. The King was made sick with sadness by the death of his daughter and erected a tomb for her which he filled in the same way as the tombs of old. Tomb robbery was made a death penalty offense and anybody caught in the act was tied up and left for the Wight to eat.

It was said that the King never smiled again after his daughter died. He became joyless and puritanical, oppressing his subjects with high taxes and conscripting people into his army despite it being a time of peace. It got so bad that one of his nobles assassinated him. The city state was split by civil war and absorbed into the greater state of Vallermoore.

The Wight vanished, and perhaps it still sleeps in one of the last of the undisturbed tombs.

Rurik's Tomb looks a very impressive place from the outside,a place of black marble with only one entrance.In fact, the whole thing is not just a tomb, but a trap for grave-robbers.

The door is fake.The real door can be found by feeling around the tomb to find it's edges, or with the aid of magic.Should magic be used, then it will have the rather nasty effect of animating a number of Lesser Undead that lie still until woken by a grave robber's magic.

On the walls are frescos of the King and his men capturing tomb robbers and sacraficing them to a Wight.

Inside is the King's stone sarcophagus, with an orange fungus growing upon it.If there is a ranger or someone with wilderness lore in the group, he or she will know that the spores of the fungus are highly dangerous. Should they be ingested, at first those who ingest them will feel slightly weak and tired, then they will begin to choke to death as the fungus invades their lung tissues. Without some form of healing within three days, they will die.The fungus can be burnt off the stone with ease, destroying the spores.

Inside the sarcophagus, the body of Princess Dora Rurik, now a mere pile of dusty old bones, lies upon a heap of golden coins, a pillow under her head. Unknown to the PC's, the coins are only enchanted to look like gold, in fact, they are lead. The enchantment will last until somebody tries to spend the coins.Within thirty seconds of being spent, they will turn to lead, causing the person who spent them to be regarded as a thief-mage and to be, at the very least, chased out of town, if not arrested or worse.

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