It was some sixty years ago, a great flood on the river caused a lot of damage. The baron ordered masive works to be undertaken, to widen the river's channel above its usual level. The 'over-channel' spreads a few hundred yards on both shores of the river. This was to be a sufficient safeguard against any flood.

The river, with intensive fishing done upstream, is not much attractive here... moats filling it with all unpleasantness and filth of the city. With floods being somewhat regular, decent people, especially those with money would never move here. Logically, the poor people built their huts and shacks, creating a poor neighborhood where the lowest live.

Every five to seven years, the flood returns. And every time, some poor don't manage to escape, or even forget, the drug addicts and madmen. The huts and everything is washed away, cleaning up the mess that was here... so thinks the average citizen. Indeed, most prefer it the way it is. No need to get excited, the Flood will sort them out. Some filth washed away, some more always shows up.

This Neighborhood is located on the down-stream part of the river, after the harbor and the few fisheries. The huts are freely strewn on the shores, ironically there is more free space here than in the crowded streets of the city itself. Most decent citizens never get around here, and even the guardsmen are sent here as punishment. Luckily, there is little crime and not much noise. It seems as if the locals are always waiting for their end.

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