The Ring of Gowns

The Ring of Gowns is a lady's ring made of rose gold and is set with seven different precious stones. High Queen Phoenixheart's ring was set with a unique diamond with gold inclusions in the center. To the left of the diamond, the ring was set with a gorgathine (dungeon emerald), a zahar (dungeon topaz), and a bekanan (dungeon amethyst) replicating the green, yellow, purple colors of the coastal lesser kingdoms. The right side of the diamond held a kaathire (deep garnet), an ypreen (clear dungeon quartz), and an ulnina (dungeon sapphire), demonstrating the red, white, and blue of the central kingdoms.


The Ring of Gowns is a clothing accessory, and it has the ability to hold a gown in each of the stones. To use the ring, the wearer functionally uses a cantrip level charge and directs it into the desired stone, then, spreading their arms, they twirl around. After three turns, the clothing they were wearing is discarded to the ground, and they are wearing the dress that was assigned to the stone, their sailor scout transformation completed. If the wearer is changing between gowns in the ring, changing from one stone to another returns the previous gown to its respective stone.

Recall Gown - costs a cantrip, a gown is drawn back to the stone, done when someone is allowed to borrow a gown. This causes the garment to vanish and return to the ring. Usually, this is of no major import. The Court of the Five Dragons Incident was scandalous as High Queen Phoenixheart lent dresses to five different high ladies for a great soiree, which was a matter of some interest, as all five were involved in seditious and rebellious actions against the throne. As their husbands and sons were seized, the High Queen recalled all the gowns. Rather than being able to apply their magic to the defense of their sons and spouses, they were suddenly nude, causing quite the uproar, which further eased the quelling of the revolt before the first blade was drawn.

Repair Gown - costs a 1st level spell, a damaged gown drawn back into its stone is restored to pristine condition.


Lesser Ring of Gowns - holds 1-3 different outfits, cannot repair or recall missing garments

Least Ring of Gowns - holds 1 gown

Cursed Ring of Gowns - contains a single outfit, and once the ring is put on it automatically equips the gown it contains and doesn't let the wearer remove the outfit or the ring

Greater Ring of Gowns - holds a larger number of gowns, OR has the ability to hold accessories as well, including footwear, hats, or jewelry.

Imperial Ring of Gowns - the unique ring of the High Queen, the ring grants across the board +2 to all stats, a +5 to armor class, and Protection from Weather, to counter the sometimes hefty weight and heat retention, or lack of insulation per the different dresses.

The Praxingdrell Ring of Panoplies - created for the High Queen of Saerith as a gift from the Palisandrian Empire, the Imperial pattern ring has the ability to store up the three of the Panoplies favored by the Saerithian queens. It was accepted with honor, and the High Queen of Palisander was gifted with an Imperial Panoply. The Saerthian monarch used her ring to alternate between her dragon riding armor, her full regalia of exotic furs, and her pajamas. The Palisandrian monarch was fond of wearing her panoply when she inspected the troops, or when sitting at court on official and state duties.

The Imperial Ring

The Imperial Ring didn't just have seven gowns associated, it had seven legendary gowns associated with it. Each stone in the ring had a gown made specifically for the ring so that the queen could do lightning-fast costume changes at soirees and other high-level events, changing outfits as she needed or desired. Each gown had a specific purpose and more frighteningly, an area effect magic.

The Eminence in Emerald - attached to the gorgathine, this gown was high-collared, stiffly corsetted, and had a narrow bustle and short train. Gold and emeralds dangle from the wrists of the dress and the neckline. The gown has an Aura of Servility that emanates from it and causes servility and obeisance from people around the wearer. 0 level commoners and NPC are barely able to stand in its presence, and if given a command they will run to complete the task asked of them. Low-level individuals cannot make eye contact but find themselves very willing to do anything the Queen wants. Mid to high-level individuals had to make willpower checks to avoid the influence of the Eminence in Emerald.

The Totalitarian of Topaz - attached to the zahar, this gown is another high formal imperial pattern, with a stern posture, high neck, long sleeves, and leggings beneath a vestigial bustle. It also has high leather gloves, and knee-high boots, and is water repelling. The Totalitarian in Topaz has the least outer effect, its powers are mostly directed inward, deadening empathy and emotion. The High Queen was fond of wearing the dress when emotions were likely to run high, and she had to keep an absolute iron reign on herself. This could be on a difficult challenge in court, on a battlefield, or when her royal duty required the hard choices, be it sending men to die in an impossible battle or carrying out an execution by her own hand.

The Amethyst Libertine - attached to the bekanan, this dress is a casual style dress with puffy sleeves and a choker festooned with silver drops and amethyst stones. It displays a generous amount of cleavage, and while it has a bustle and train, its skirt is cut in such a fashion that if the wearer wants to flash a bit of leg, they can. The effect of the Amethyst Libertine is to cause people around the wearer to relax and let their hair down.

The Mistress of Love and Lust - attached to the kaathire, this dress blurs the line between formal dress, lingerie, and dominatrix apparel. It displays a shocking amount of flesh through sheer panels but doesn't reveal the goods, as it were. The internal effect of the ring allows the wearer to be comfortable in the dress if they were on parade in the desert, or if they were reviewing troops in the arctic zones during a snowstorm. The outer effect is to inspire love, lust, self-disgust, envy, and other such muddled emotions. To see a woman in The Mistress of Love and Lust is on par with the anime cliche of seeing someone very attractive and getting the nosebleed of arousal. To those not attracted to the sex of the wearer, there are feelings of either suppressed sexual desire, or negative internal feelings.

The Paragon of Pristine Purity - attached to the clear ypreen, this dress is the thing of white-clad princess fantasy art. The greatest effect of this dress is that shadows cannot exist in its presence, as it generates background light around it. This has the odd side effect of creating not just a field of light around the dress, but also a field of Detect Invisible, Dispel Shadows, and Dispel Undead.

The Decolletage of Deception - attached to the ulnina, this blue dress has a hypnotizing effect. Its shade of blue is constantly changing, and it has a Victoria's Secret level of breast enhancement and also pumps the wearer's charisma, especially for the purposes of seduction, deception, or misdirection.

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