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March 3, 2019, 1:09 pm

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Ring of Atma


An imbrian relic that blurs the line between magic, technology, and divinity


The Ring of Atma is a metal ring approixmately an hand-span across, hung with seven claw like tassels, and has the symbol of Atma in the center. The symbol of Atma is an hourglass convergence of pyramids with an eye or jewel where the two points meet. The ring is made of a gold like metal that is nearly impervious to harm, and so long as the ring itself is not completely destroyed by being submerged in superheated liquid metal or vaporized in a plasma stream, it will repair damage to itself.


The eye of Atma is worn as a necklace and must lie against bare flesh for it's powers to be activated. It can be carried as part of a censor or crozier, and this negates it powers, and its drawbacks. The ring has two tests that the bearer must pass before gaining the powers of the Ring. The would be bearer must be of pure heart and mind. They must have the constitution to bear the power of the ring, and they must have the willpower to control it. If they fail either of these tests, they are destroyed by the Ring. Bearers who are not pure of heart are consumed from the inside out by holy fire. Smoke will come from their mouths as they burn from the inside and eventually collapse into a greasy pile of ash and crumbling bone as if they were cremated. Those who are not of pure mind will have their souls consumed by the ring, adding to it's power. The would be bearer merely collapses to the ground, their mind and souls devoured. A short time later, their body will perish as well.


Heart of Desire - the Ring can function as a supernatural compass, and provided the bearer can focus on their desire, the Ring can point them in the direction, and approximate distance to their desire. This works better the more concrete the object of desire is. It can locate abstractions, but what a person desires and what will take them there are not always going to be the same thing.

The Seal of Atma - with this power, the bearer of the Ring can bind a soul or animus to an object. Imbrians believed strongly in reincarnation, so the greatest punishment wasnt death, it was to be soul bound so that the soul could not be purified and reborn into a new body. This power was also used to seal the souls of terrible beasts and youma to prevent them from reappearing in the future. Only the destruction of the host object would release the soul.

Game of Shadows - with this power, the bearer of the Ring can create a dreamlands battlefield and draw an opponent into it for the purpose of dueling. Should the Ring Bearer win, the opponent is trapped forever in the dreamlands and cannot be reborn into the living world for an exceedingly long period of time. The Games of Shadow is unpredictable now, as the Imbrian's teleportation array is long since destroyed, so those defeated in Games of Shadow can find themselves left shadowtainted. This includes fear of bright light, agoraphobia, and a sundry list of other mental disturbances.

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