Common Name: Machina Rational Information Transcriptionist Analyst series 17 serial number-651651321651G

Morphology: Anglo-Amerind

Race: Pribnow Dummy

Sex: none, robot

Age: visual - 22, actual - 87

Occupation: Receptionist, data entry, data wrangler, Human-Robot Relations, Witty Banter

Residence: Sector 9 Slums, New Delta City, Northam


Geofront Detective Agency

Geofront Criminal Underground

Geofront Law Enforcement Service


RITA-17 was formerly a dummy plug operator for the New Delta City anti-crime computer and Law Enforcement Service. During a major riot, the station was sacked, and RITA-17 was catastrophically damaged. After the riot was quelled, and the station retaken, RITA-17 was sent to scrap, and new units were installed, just part of upgrading and improving the defenses of the station.

The clocksmith Angel Ingenoue found RITA-17s wreckage. She would spend a month and rebuilt RITA-17. Ingenoue made a number of serious upgrades to 17, including grafting an organic memory core to the central cyberneuron architecture and then wiring the entire thing into a semi-portable holo-projection table fit to look like a conventional secretarial desk.

All of this improvement had an unexpected effect. When Ingenoue reactivated RITA-17, the machine went through a cybernetic avalanche, its core programming collapsing, and then rebuilding itself. When the pribnow aspect of the machine opened its eyes and looked at Ingenoue, it was as a sentient being. RITA-17 had 80 years of ghost files, memories, and the hardware capacity to process them. The machine remembered being destroyed, remembered the lives of the people who came through its processors, and the sad tragedy of human life, the human life that flows under the bridges of civilization.


While functionally a sessile being, RITA-17 being half a droid permanently wired into a desk, she is not without equipment or means. The holo-projection table she has a desk/abdomen(?) is a custom build made from a variety of components and is a very high-functioning computer and cog node, allowing RITA-17 full CogNet connectivity. The organic memory core gives it impressive power, and also, allows her to do full immersion dives into the CogNet as a human would.

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