Needed-An ethical character with a long history of promiscuity and/or, preferably, a past love relationship.
Characters stop at a tavern or inn and find themselves the receivers of a sealed note by the proprietor. It is given to one particular character that fits the requirements above. Upon opening is a poorly scribed letter with the following:

'Greetings ___________
It has been a long time since the caves of Thoras (insert one of the characters famous exploits that happened near a town where the character made love to a woman, or if he had a love interest the location could be anywhere). You may have forgotten me but I have far from forgotten you.
Remember in Thoras when you entered the throne room and killed the man wielding two swords? Well, that just happen to be my son. At first I thought to kill you would be my greatest triumph, but since then I have found a better end. What could equal the price that I had to pay I have wondered for such a long time. Well I finally found that equal price. The town of Warget (town of love interest or affair) familiar? I have your son!
He yet lives, for now. Go to the Timberwolves Gap and we shall see if you will be able to save him.'

Note: Takes some rather specific requirements to make it work but should be fun if it does.
1) The character should obviously have to care that he is a father. The town mentioned would be a storm of memories either from a past love or a favorite 'house of ill repute.' The fact that he could have had a child should be overwhelming.
2) Perhaps use an enemy that has been their nemisis and trying to kill them for quite a while. This enemy could have just recently stumbled upon, or finally found, the fact that the player has an offspring.
3) Through notes, the enemy could lead the players on a host of false leads and wrong turns into some rather dangerous surroundings and/or booby traps. Through clues at each site, or questioning of key enemies they could possibly discover the true location of the player's son.

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