Special Equipment:

Ranfral wears a large heavy cloak to hide his royal identity. He carries a large broadsword made of mithril silver and pure gold. He knows not what magic it carries but he knows that this family heirloom was used to fight and defeat the darkness 3 ages before.


Ranfral has dark long hair. A slight grizzle of a goatee on his chin. He is fair in the face and greatly ressembles his father. He was trained in the arts of the high kings as a swordsman.


His castle is found in the great city of Alwenlass, near the woods of Azem. Ranfral yearns to find more in life. He fears to become king for his love in the peasant Lardave
wood be destroyed. Then, one night a host of orcs attacked them. The men of Alwenlass defeated the enemy but the King Althuar has been poisoned. Ranfral must find the enchanter's island wich has the Staff of Leviadan hidden somewhere on it, it's power alone can heal his father's illness. With the help of Erkana the unicorn and Hathil, Wellfur and Dawmith, Ranfral searches in desperation before his father's death occurs.

Roleplaying Notes:

When using this caracter, go to the woods of Haléfas first to be able to recruit Hathil and his Rangers, proceed then through the world of Hamset.(Hamset is not yet completed, it might take sme time before it is ready for roleplaying pleasure.)

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