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The Rachowen is a large but fast beast which can travel quicky in both water and land. It has a large but sleek body that normally measures 15 feet from the big head that resembles a lizard's,to its trailing prehensile tail that is ridged with small bony protusions,used to spear small fish and has 6 strong legs that end in webbed feet. With strong,fast strides of its legs, it can cut through water easily. On land it can lope fast on those same legs,although it won't be as anywhere as fast as is in water. The most distinguishing thing about it however,is the large,colourfully patterned carpace that covers it's back. Resembling an over sized turtle shell,it is a wide,oval surface on which even a large Eshal warrior can rest his rear comfortably. The rest of it's body is covered with a tough grey hide.

It enjoys quite a few advantages over the more common over the Great Serpent. Though not as fast as a Great Serpent,it can run or swim for far longer without tiring. In addition, unlike Great Serpents that are known for their foul tempers,Ranchowen are intelligent,good natured things that are easily trained,only snapping in self-defence when attacked. The one disadvantage is that they reach sexual maturity slowly and are thus hard to breed.

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