Princess Matriax was spoiled. Her father was a famous general, but famous for not just his victories or tactics, but the slaughter he inflicted. He is feared by, well, damn near all that know of his history, which is widely known. He doesn't hesitate at all to simply cave in the head of anyone he doesn't respect when they irritate him on any regard.

His oldest child was his daughter Matriax. Not to be put off but his oldest child being a girl, she was trained extensively with a vast array of weapons, and all training quickly advanced to live steel, making her deadly and skilled. Her father told her instructors to train her to be prepared to fight in life or death situations, even if it killed her, and told Matriax that as well. Several instructors died training her, and her skill in combat is almost as great as her fathers.

However, being the pride and joy of a butcher means you get what you want. Her father didn't treat her like a little girl as much as she was treated like a hand picked soldier. To be independent and show the world that she was in fact, a girl, she had dresses and jewelery and carriages and dances and perfume and makeup, all the trappings of a princess, when she was just a generals daughter.

No matter how ornamental, decorative, bejeweled, or well crafted, there's just no way to get a battle axe to go with a ballroom dress.

She'd rather be naked than unarmed, so she had a purse commissioned. Fine chain mail, with rings smaller than a ladybug, and each lacquered in one of several different colors. Silver and gold coated accents actually come to vicious points. Since the princess is never short on capital, the swinging weight is significant, often that of a footman's mace, or greater.

Princess Matriax met her end suppressing a rebellion in a boarder village. While the peasants were not well armed or organised, they did grossly outnumber the Princesses small troupe. Her own skill allowed her to slay two score of the peasants before she died, but her refusal to don any armour less attractive than a gown, and wield any weapon other than her purse, doomed her.

Magical Properties:

Muuuaagh HA HA HA! (

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