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The kid looks cute and not at all too dangerous (heh, she's 6, what could happen?) - her hair is dark brown, worn long and held together by silver rings or a silver net. Interesting is that her eyes are a different color each - the left is green, the right is hazel. The eyebrow above the right eye is broken by a scar, the reminder of one of her adventures - the scar lifts the corner of the eye slightly. The quality of her skin and her cherry lips hint at that she might grow into quite a beauty someday, provided she does not jump through windows all too often.


A true child of Thannar Tamerlaine, little Flora is unpredictable, difficult to come by, stubborn as a brick, touchy, and pokes her nose around in other people's business. So far, Flora has been responsible for one ambassador's abdication, one hundred and thirty-seven broken windows, twenty-two shattered statues and one gardener's heart attack.
Flora is the third child, much younger than her two siblings, and resenting being considered a baby. She's already six, dammit, and smarter than many of her father's advisors.
With the parents being distant figures, and the teachers receiving little respect from her, Flora has become independent of the council of adults very soon, and has her own way how to do things. She deeply resents any attempts to control her, or to make her take responsibility for her actions.
Driven by great curiosity, she will sneak into the chambers of nobles, aided by her surfacing talent - she has already learnt to open locks, walk on walls or haste herself without any teaching, and has dicovered how to cast the Pain spell in case some babysitter is trying to get hold of her. She knows the value of good gossip, and one might find her too well-informed for her own good, especially if she managed again to take a peek at those top secret documents.
With her own swiftness and wit, she managed to foil any attempts to restrain her (more so that lately she discovered that being of royal blood, all the golems in the palace will obey her unless given a contradictory order by one of her siblings or her father), and survive her first assassination attempt.

Roleplaying Notes:

Basically, Flora is a young adult trapped in a child's body that does not grow as fast as she would have it. Certainly not gullible, she puts many a courtier to shame, and seems to revel in it - pick a person at court, and make him look like a fool.
To those of adventurous bent and free spirit though she will be strongly attracted, and if she picks a favourite, that person will have to be her company, unless of course he wants to find himself being chased by a golem intent on picking him up and carrying him after the princess.
But should one be accepted as a friend or even gain her respect, he will find a valuable ally, though a mischiefous one.
Think of Flora as a playful fairy, ill-placed at the court full of intrigue and pretension, while she can play the Game already, she resents it with all her stubborn will.

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