Deep within the Plane of Fire, there is a great valley where the Phoenix makes its rest. Upon the slopes of the valley there is a tall grass which grows no where else in the planes. In the late summer, this grass bears seed, a shimmering orange seed, which some of the spirits who serve Zevarith may harvest and dry.

From time to time, these seeds are sold to planar travellers, so that the servants of Zevarith may have resources upon the prime that do not come directly from their lord. In turn, this seed fetches a prime price from hawksmen and nobility upon the prime: The profit is well worth the danger to those who can ply this trade.

Magical Properties:

When the dried Phoenix Feed is fed to a bird of any sort, for the next two hours, the bird's feathers and talons burn, with no injury to the bird. This effectively grants a 'flame aura' ability to the bird when it attacks or is attacked. This aura does not ressurect the bird when slain.

If eaten by a human or demi-human, horrible, horrible heartburn results.

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