Tall, with a bit of a thin built, Phillip commands all he sees with his piercing blue eyes, that contrast with his long flowing, raven black hair. even though his past has lead him to be suspicious over everyone, and seeing plots everywhere, Phillip appears a calm, collected person, except when dealing with children, or animals, then he fidgets, wringing his hands and muttering under his breath. He will go out of his way to avoid them, and will not touch them himself. He is also very excitable around fire, and inventions or technology. He tends to pace while he thinks and will often move people around to make a diagram when trying to figure something out.


Phillip Thornblood was born Kevin Williams to a shipwright and his wife, an enchanter who left the Schools of the Arcana for love. His mother was a mediocre enchantress at best (only being able to effect specially prepared inanimate items) and was often reprimanded for not following the laws, and orders, of the Schools. She left the School (received a honorary discharge and was sworn to secrecy) and married Thomas Williams, the brother of her greatest rival in the School. Thomas, and his brother, James, never got along well and this did nothing to help the relationship between the two of them. Thomas was the poorly educated third son of a see merchant, and left the family shortly after James murdered their brother for cheating in cards. Kevin grew up in a fishing town on the ocean, and learned to swim and sail almost before he could walk. His best friend and mentor growing up was an old eccentric gnomish inventor who was always tinkering with something, and put more then a little of that wonder into Kevin. Kevin's mother taught him how to read, write, and do sums when he was young, and as he grew, and it became apparent that he had magical talent, she taught him what little magic she knew in secret, for Thomas did not know that she was an enchanter, and neither did anyone else in their town. He spent his early life working with his father on ships, and making things with the gnome, and secretly trying applying magic to both, often with disastrous results. When he turned fourteen, his uncle found him, and invited him to stay at his home in the city of Durkin (the capital) from a few months. It was there that his uncle found out about his magical knowledge, and realized his nephew's untapped potential, and how much greater it was then his own, he became jealous, and used his political clout in the King's Court to have Kevin's hometown razed to the ground because of unregulated teaching of magic. When Kevin got back from his journey to find his home burnt to the ground, with only the walls around the town left standing, every other stone in the town pulled down, and everything else burnt and a poster with his name on it and a very large reward, he ran, changed his name to Phillip Thornblood, a hero in his favorite book, and has spent the last 17 years wandering from place to place, selling magical rings, traps, magical lockpicks, alchemical explosives and such on the black markets in big cities, and learning what he can, anywhere he can.

Roleplaying Notes:

Phillip works in the background of his many investments and interests. These are mainly underground, and mostly in the black market, but he is know to have some high royal contacts, and at times has acted as a go-between for interests in court and in the Underground. He has a great interest in the construction of a magical air ship, and is always on the look out for knowledge regarding the enchantment, or construction of such vessels.

Phillip is also an accomplished enchanter, and is always making something, or enchanting items to aid him in a particular task.

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