The old hermit was a sculking figure, small and ugly like most gnomes. Pentwell was his name. He lived on a rocky outcropping in what looked like a house made of mud and clay. One day, when his food reserves were dwindling, Pentwell went fishing. Instead of fish, he found a book floating in the tide, Reaching down to pick up the large black book, he noticed strange writing on it. (i)livre de future sombre(i) Not knowing the origine of these letters, yet he needed not fear the language barrier, the minute his fingers touched the leather cover, the letters changed to spell (i)Book of dark futur(i) Petwell was not stupid, he knew the book was magical. He then brought it to his home. Sitting down to read the first page, it was blank. All the pages were blank. 'I wish I knew where this camefrom.' declared Pentwell outloud. Then, something began to appear on the page, it showd an old man with a long silvery beard writing a book on a table. Pentwell turned the page quickly. On the next page showed the old man leting the book go into the ocean. Pentwell figured that this must be the great mage Leviadan. The old wizard must of known who this book was to go to, he knew that pentwell should find it, for that was Leviadan's way, to know before something came to pass. Pentwell kept the book, learned of wars, horrors and peaces yet to come. Soon he did not know what was present and what was future.

Magical Properties:

This book can tell the future, though it is a cursed item for overusage or overresortment to the book will make you loose the ability totell the difference between present and future resulting in madness.

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