On Flesh and Regrowth by ArchMage Cragius Archerous
Pg 220 60 illustrations.

This tract was dictated by the master (though some said he used a magically enhanced quill rather than a scribe/ student). Healing is normally the providence of Priests (mages of the spirit the 5th elements (which is actually two elements light and dark... but this gets confusing so we move on). Cragius Archerous spent the last half of his life working on ways to 'get around' the great compact, the meeting that defines what is mortal and what is spiritual/ divine (thus what is safe and not safe for mortals to do). A devout man, who had seen the results of experiments of a magical nature using the 5th element (his own uncle, one of his sponsors, had a number of terrible incidents and was changed afterwards), worked within and around the sane restrictions.

His work centers on breaking flesh and life down to its elemental and mystic components. He experimented with flesh still animated by spirit, leaving the spirit untouched. He explored how the elements of life (cytons in his vocabulary) work. Most importantly, the tract (which was never completed) included how to cast a weave of micromagics to effect the components of an element of life. This technique of cascading micromagics is the master work which enshrines him in the Hall of Magic. His magnification spell (which he included the hand work for), which he developed for his work, is still taught to this day (though mostly used by healers who have access to standard magic). Some say that his work laid the foundation for Ariones of Antioch brilliant and world changing work: A Way of Looking at Things.

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