Old Town is just that, the original village/ town center. The city started as a trade junction between the river and the local region. It expanded as a waystation for river travelers and those who transported goods. The city had humble beginnings, but soon blossomed. New docks were built. A new marina/ harbor dug out. New roads were created to service them. The city grew away from Old Town.

Yet the buildings are still here. The paint is often peeling on the out buildings, but they are still filled with businesses. Old Town continues to live.

The buildings here along the river are made of brick, accented with wood. They have wood roofs for the most part. While many of them have basements, they are seldom used. The river has a problem of rising every few years and flooding out the area. That is why the streets in this area are all paved with bricks. The sidewalks are wooded boardwalks and raised a good foot from the street level.

The buildings also have a great deal of glass in them as well, some of the largest windows many have seen, some a good four feet across and eight feet tall. While windows of this size are found in the rest of the city, this was the first place that windows of this style were made.

Old Town is mostly filled with places of low repute, drinking, gambling, and the occasionally wenching goes on here. Such things were here to entertain the original stop overs; and have been run out of the rest of the town. There are some shops, some of which are quite exotic, and a messenger's guild stop.

The North part of Old Town has the old Brick Factory, the source of all the bricks in this region of the Land. Next to it is the glass factory (the two share a common furnace and smoke stack). Here some glass craftsmen from far away set up shop at the beginning of the city. They have made the huge windows and marvelous mirrors that have made the city famous.

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