This section of the city shows the city's roots as a medieval/ primitive town. Surrounded by the original city walls, Old City is filled with heavy stone buildings. The buildings here are different from the rest of the city. They look like they were part of an ancient castle or fort, or built in the age when the city was on the frontier of civilization.

There are no wood buildings in Old City as fire after fire after other disaster has destroyed everything that was not permanent stone. The buildings are solid, secure, and tend towards a gothic look. There are towers, spires, heavy walls with arrow breaks, and supporting buttress. There are gargoyles and other grotesques on top of every building.

Old City is practically a town unto itself. It has its own little market area, its own water, and its own marshal. The families that live there have lived there for several lifetimes, if not centuries.

There are two important buildings in Old City: The Main Temple and the Mayor's Office.

The Mayor is the administrator in charge of the town, as appointed by the King and the Town Council. He runs the day to day affairs here, doing what is best for the city, despite what the Town Council might think. The Mayor's office is somewhat cramped for the modern mayor and is difficult to get to, but tradition (and the budget) dictates that this is where the Mayor works. (It also has the advantage of keeping the Mayor in an inconvenient place so he can not interfere with the council).

The Cathedral (or main temple) is the oldest single structure in not only the city, but the entire region. It could house a good portion of the city's populace within its walls. It has been built up and improved upon over the centuries, until it has become the central location of faith for the region. Splendid is not the word for this giant monstrosity of gothic architecture. Massive is. One of the reasons why it is the center of faith is the fact that it is soooo large and has supporting outbuildings for administers that work for the church. Other cities are trying to build main temples as impressive as The Cathedral, but to date, none of the projects have yet to succeed (though some are not near complete).

One would expect the narrow dark streets of Old City to be haven for the criminal or violent elements. The streets of Old City are actually the safest of any in the city. The Cathedral has a troupe of Gargoyles living on its roof. Real, mythical Gargoyles.

These near immortal creatures of living stone are territorial and nocturnal. Due to some ancient agreement, the Gargoyles are allowed to live here AND allow fleshlings to live here. They sleep during the day mostly. They seldom stir from their perches during the night. They have the patience of a stone, and a point of view that years are but minutes of life. They do not move, fly, or speak without a true need. Their senses are so inhumanly powerful that little goes on in the Old City (or even in the New City) that they are not at least peripherally aware of. Many crimes in the Old City (and occasionally some in other quarters) are stopped by a swooping Gargoyle, usually with the guilty criminal never to be seen again.

If anything threatened the Main Temple/Cathedral or the Old City, even in the daytime, the Gargoyles would defend their home area. Since not even an elder dragon can withstand a troupe of gargoyles (according to the legends), no normal army should stand up to them.

Very few people know of the existence of the Gargoyle protectors. People have heard the legends, but monsters don't exist any more. The local guardsmen wear Gargoylish helmets while on duty, though few believe why. The Mayor is often advised by a Gargoyle in times of trouble. Some times directly, but most of the time by the Grey Priest. Since the first church here, there has always been a priest, or young alterboy who will grow up to be a priest, who will often go up and talk to the Gargoyles and occasionally hear them talk back. The Grey Priest is their mouthpiece to the world and their encyclopedia of fleshling ways they don't understand.

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