Nekkid (or 'n' for short is an artistic expression with many forms.

Traditional-The primary performer in a nude body stocking will 'ape'(mime) a facet of every day life ,while a second performer will play the drum,read poetry or become the props and scenery. The higher classes and intellectuals consider this the only acceptable form.

Rookie-again performing in a nude body stocking or in very rare cases nude, The artist will paint a large expressionistic painting with either their body or their hands. The second performer will assist or play a musical instrument. This form is noted by a primarily studant following

Romp- exhibited primarily to the lower classes, this form is often little more than a live sex show. Very few legitimate performers use this style but its not unheard of.

These are by far not rules but an overview of this art form. Many n performances will mix two or three together. Body sock, or painted body sock(many time a painted nude) or nude are found in all three for example.Many will go by only their first name.e

Two notable n artists

Peter-Highly traditional 50 something darling of the Traditionalists. He is very fond of pieces that are full of 'houseewife' Type activities. Delicate and feminine features make his body and face. The true irrational prima donna, he will often keep audiances waiting for hours.

Mitzi- One of the rare Romp artists that has found mainstream success, this extra full figured woman is more about romance than sex, performing with the latest of her lovers. Down to earth hard drinking party animal, frequenter of BND clubs when not performing.

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