This basketball-sized, airtight, octahedral device houses a super-magnet that perpetually spins a 1 ounce mass of antimatter in a perfect vacuum. The six corners of the device can be bolted to larger constructs. The antimatter magnet draws all electrical current nearby and from any attached conductors. The spinning antimatter creates an ultra high frequency, low amplitude turbulence that fractures the ions and converts the excess electrons into unstable gamma radiation. The amount of electricity absorbed is equal to the amount of gamma radiation released from the device. Depleted uranium is used to house the device to help absorb the radiation.

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Airship Grounding

Any large airship has the problem of static electricity buildup which can't be discharged until the ship lands. Over time, the static electricity will lessen the amount of electricity that is fed to devices, computers, life-support etc. Attaching a mobile ground to an uninhabited part of the ship instantly resolves the problem.

Example: It takes 120V to power your computer. If there is a 10V electrostatic buildup on the ship's ground, you would only be able to create a current of 110V. If there is a 30V electrostatic buildup, you'd only get 90V which would cause any 120V system to fail. Electrostatic buildup is the devil.

Electric Defense Negation

By connecting a device to an electric defense such as an electric fence, the current would be redirected to the device leaving the fence completely neutralized. Connecting the device to an energy source, in effect, creates creates a complete circuit that will pull all available energy which will result in tripping any circuit breakers or fuses. If no circuit breakers are in place, the conducting medium (the wires) will super heat and likely melt.

Power Draining

This technique requires that actual device to be in close proximity to a power cable or wire rather then a use a cable that is connected to the device. By placing the device adjacent to but not connected to a power cable, the anti-electrostatic field it generates would literally drain the power from the cable. But obviously, you wouldn't want to be the poor sap to be holding the device in this scenario because of the dangerous radiation it would create.

Lightning Deterrent

Place several devices on the tops of high towers or suspended in the air by large balloons secured with long cables. These devices suspended in the air serve to suck the electrostatic charge out of the sky. The result is that when a rain storm begins brewing, all of the static electricity generation creates a 'plasma ball' effect with each of the devices. By draining the electricity from the sky, there is never any danger of damage from a lightning strike below. No one needs to use lightning rods. Another upside to this is that there is a spectacular view during the storm. A downside is that there is a greater amount of gamma radiation; while this typically isn't a dangerous amount in small doses, over time it can contaminate crops and drinking water and devastate the ecosystem. Using a mobile ground as a lighting deterrent is forbidden near residential or agricultural sites.