Filename: Miyake Suesuke

Yusilian Symbiote (Formerly Standard Human)


Asexual (Formerly Male)

Current Age:

Bushi in service to the Tankado Clan

Current Residence:
Tankado Clan Special Research Facility No. 731

Tankado Clan

Miyake Suesuke was a Phoenix Clan bushi but his name and records have been sealed and expunged from the rolls. So his familial history and lineage is currently unknown. Only the Emperor himself can authorize the unsealing of such records. We are currently petitioning for them be unsealed for archival purposes.

The reason for the records being sealed and expunged is due to being a reputational risk. This started when he acquired a set of unusual looking armor. It looked like the armor of a former lord killed in action during a skirmish with the Unicorn Clan a few years ago. But despite it being found outside on an old battlefield, it looked as if it was just made.

After bringing it back to his lord's castle, it was inspected by one of the craftsman on site. The armor had a thin film of what appeared to be oil but it was pulsating and moving. You wouldn't be able to notice this just by looking at it. To the casual observer it would just look like a brand new set of armor fit for a lord.

Miyake Suesuke was made to try it on. The most unusual thing was that this oily film even present on the fabric pieces of the armor. When the armor was fully worn it was an intimidating sight to behold. Also Miyake Suesuke reported that he was unable to feel it on him. When he tried demonstrating his favorite fighting techniques, he reported that somehow his senses and reflexes were enhanced and it showed.

Deciding that armor must be enchanted, his lord ordered him to remove it so he could have it. But this was when things started going wrong. When Miyake Suesuke tried removing the bindings that held the kabuto on his head, they wouldn't come off. Pulling on them also pulled on his skin. Same with the mempo. Attempting to remove other parts of the armor from the body also produced the same result. It was as if the armor was grafted to his body.

Miyake Suesuke started to panic and frantically tried prying the armor off his body. But it was no use. His voice also started to have a slight echo as well. His lord assumed he was cursed and had him removed from the clan rolls to preserve honor. He was then handed over to the Tankado Clan to be examined. From there he was transferred to the Tankado Clan's primary headquarters, Spiderweb Castle.

Initial examination of Miyake Suesuke showed that the armor was indeed stuck to him. No gaps could be found between the armor and the skin. Their armorer was perplexed that a set of armor could just fuse itself to the body like this. The other thing was that oily film that covered the armor from head to toe. There was simply no explanation for how it behaved. When a Tankado biomancer was brought in to take a look, what he found was concerning.

The film on the armor was not oil or even a finish. After taking a sample of it, it was found to be living organic matter. Further examination revealed that the armor was now acting as an exoskeleton for Miyake Suesuke. Somehow this armor was infested with an organism that is now hooked into the man. X-ray imaging showed that there was no way to safely remove the armor without killing Miyake Suesuke.

Current Status: Miyake Suesuke is currently living inside Tankado Clan Special Research Facility No. 731. A special biotechnology research lab that is located inside the Shadowlands and guarded by the Lost due to a pact with the Tankado Clan. It is located where it is because the experiments conducted in this place would never be allowed in the Rokugani Empire but since the Shadowlands are out of the Emperor's reach, it is safe to conduct them here. 

The reason for this is due to the fact that no one has any idea what this thing is capable of doing. The Tankado Clan does not want to risk endangering the Empire with an unknown parasite. The Tankado Clan has also checked the location where the armor was first found. Thankfully no other traces of this parasite were found. However Miyake is not allowed to leave the Shadowlands until he is deemed safe.

Addendum 01: After reading over some research logs from Facility 731, we have obtained the details of this unknown organism; The organism has been named "Yusilian". It will attach itself to things like clothing, armor, and other items worn by people. Yusilian is nearly undetectable except under close inspection of the items. Once it does this, the durability of the items it attaches to gain massively increased durability and are capable of withstanding extreme force and temperatures.

Once a suitable host body is found, it will merge itself with the host and prevent the items it has attached to from being removed. The items will then serve as an exoskeleton for the host. Yusilian also alters the host's morphology and transforms it into a hybrid of itself and the host though DNA absorption. While the host looks no different from before infestation, it is in fact a completely different species.

Yusilian will feed off the things that the host consumes as food. This doesn't produce any adverse effects on the host. In return, it will greatly enhance the host's abilities and skills. The resulting symbiotic relationship means this is not a parasite. Additional boons Yusilian will grant to the host is an immunity from the supernatural disease that plagues the Shadowlands known as the Taint along with the fact that native Shadowlands creatures avoid it.

Yusilian reproduces asexually. This has some alarming implications suggesting that anything collected from the Shadowlands might be infested with this organism. But considering the fact that doesn't affect humans in negative way, there are potential benefits to infecting other select people with Yusilian. Since the Crab Clan guards the Wall that separates the Shadowlands from the rest of the Empire, they could be potential candidates for a future pilot project involving Yusilian.

End of line.

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