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November 17, 2017, 1:48 pm

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Mindskimmer Amulet


An amulet with magical properties that allows the wearer to read the thoughts of others.


A long bronze chain, ending in a small circular talisman. A single saphire sits in the center, cut to look like an unblinking eye.


The Amulet allows the wearer to hear the passive (surface) thoughts of others. The wearer must make eye contact with the target in order to read their thoughts, and maintain line of sight or lose their connection to the target.

If line of sight is broken, then the wearer must make eye contact with the target again to establish a connection.


The Mindskimmer Amulet is a powerful tool in the hands of the wise, aiding in interrogation, spy work, and remarkably useful in combat.


The Amulet's original purpose is not known, but many suspect it to have been created for a king or queen and used to remove the dishonest and dishonorable from power.

Some believe that the Amulet was made for and worn by a wise judge. Capable of asking questions and hearing the passive thoughts of the accused and accusers and securing true justice.

Others still, believe that the Amulet was created for a jealous woman who suspected her husband of infidelity. As the story goes, she finds out the truth and killed him in his sleep. The woman is said to have been executed for murder shortly after.

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Voted Scrasamax
November 17, 2017, 17:30
Solid idea. I like it, and I like the variety of reasons it was made being given.

I would add that if someone knows that another person is wearing one of these rings, and they have the proper mental discipline, they can cheat the mind skimming power of the ring. A high level thief or assassin would certainly have the opportunity to resist this, or spoof it, depending on their skill. If they are unsuspecting, then they are no better prepared to resist.


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