Me'fiante Verite Delagouttie're is a twelve-year-old street urchin with a peculiar gift for seeing the truth, in people's minds as well as in their actions.

At about 5 feet tall with a very slight, scrawny frame, Me'fiante stands out from other grubby street children due to her intelligent grey eyes, framed by dirty, shoulder-length flaxen hair. She wears a frayed, stained dress, originally a very pretty, frilly garment of a deep burgundy, but now barely recognizable as clothing.

As a person, she is defiant and very difficult to get along with, being uncommunicative, vicious, and suspicious of everyone and everything. Originally, Me'fiante dreamed of being a poet, but her life on the streets led her to take up petty crime, pickpocketing and burglary.

Me'fiante likes poetry, being one of the very few street urchins lucky enough to be able to read, having been taught by a cleric (who she later robbed blind because he was embezzling money), but she despises liars, cheats, frauds and con artists. Me'fiante cannot tell lies - the very act of lying is painful to her.

Me'fiante cannot remember a time when she was not aware of the truth in all matters. Even though it manifested itself weakly at first, she was able to sense the subtle nuances in peoples' words and actions that betrayed their falsehoods. Furthermore, she found she was steadily gaining the ability to discern the truth even from lies.

Her family line is unknown, as her first memories are of the opulent priest who raised her as an infant. Father Marcus Andronicus Levitas, while appearing kindly and cheerful, was at that time embezzling money from his parishioners in extremely large amounts, and it was not long before a six-year-old Me'fiante became aware of this fact. An intense internal struggle followed: Me'fiante's very nature seemed to revolt against this man who had lied to her, yet her common sense told her to remain with him, where she would be assured of a future.

In the end, her instincts won, and after raiding her adoptive father's coin purse and dumping its ill-gained contents down the churchyard well, Me'fiante secretly packed what meager belongings she had and fled. She almost immediately regretted disposing of the money, after realizing what a cold world it is for the poor and homeless. She was able to scratch out a living through petty thievery, trying wherever she could to steal only from those who lied or cheated, though to appease her own conscience more than for revenge.

In addition, Me'fiante found herself soon regretting having never been told the identities of her parents. Father Marcus had always assured her that when he thought she was ready he would reveal their story to her, and such a statement had always been accompanied by a firm sense of truthfulness, something rather uncommon in the corrupt priest's assertions.

Today, Me'fiante lives on the grimy streets of Armudstadt, along with a small group of urchin 'friends'. She tolerates the other children because they bring her information, but she often fights with them for telling lies, something that jars against Me'fiante's very soul. Me'fiante senses lies as painful throbbing in her nervous system, and often hears a ghostly voice telling the truth, whispering in her ear while people tell lies to her.

Roleplaying Notes:Although Me'fiante can sense peoples' lies, she rarely shares the information, because she trusts no one. The PCs might need some information from her, but Me'fiante needs to be completely assured of their motives before she'll part with the information.

In addition, the PCs cannot lie to Me'fiante without serious consequences - she can automatically tell, and will grow resentful and perhaps violent. They will have to do some clever roleplaying to get what they want from her, perhaps telling only a part of the truth if they really want to keep it a secret.

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