Could be any weapon that requires a sheathe of some sort. It could even be something that doesn’t require a sheathe normally but, in this case, has one. That would make it even more odd but understandable. It can be as ornate or as plain as needed. The sheathe or cover acts as a containment for the weapon where it is unable to exert any influence whatsoever. Effectively, the weapon turns back to normal when stowed in its carrier.

The most helpful of the three but very talkative. Will rarely stop talking about whatever is going on which causes the player to have a very difficult time concentrating on anything. Mea will always talk about past owners and chastise the player that so and so wouldn’t do it that way, etc. The player may often appear spacey and confused to other players and, depending on the will of the wielder, they may have trouble concentrating on anything but the persistent conversations of Mea. If the player could previously cast spells, that is now impossible while holding Mea. On the other hand, Mea has quite a selection of spells of its own that the player can draw on. However, Mea always needs to agree with the use and it sometimes requires a small debate to be allowed to cast the spell.

The evil one of the bunch. Very particular with the company it holds and has a deep racial hostility of whatever is convenient to the adventure. The hatred is so deep that only those with a very, very strong will could even have a small hope of resisting the pollution of Dea’s thoughts while holding it. If the target of the hostility is within sensing range of Dea there is a chance the player will not be able to resist and will attack regardless of the situation or odds. Dea would have many bonuses in melee combat.

Calm and intelligent. Does not have all the spells of Mea and not all the power of Dea but has an inferior mix of the two. Fea may have visions of the future or hold tidbits of lost lore that may be useful to the player. Fea can be used to further a plot or to start an adventure. The knowledge is limited though and what it knows it knows and no more. It is usually facts and knowledge drawn from past wielders of the weapon. Fea may also try and draw out memories and thoughts of the character. If they are in the middle of something important they may not want Fea to know what they are doing in case the weapon falls into other hands.

The percent chance is pretty much arbitrary. I like rolling dice. For each time it was drawn the character would roll a 1d4 and that times 25% were the odds one of them would reveal themselves. Then I did a 1d8 and assigned each one 2 and the extra 2 meaning the one most appropriate for the situation to come out. That way there is a 50% chance they will get who they want.

Once drawn, whoever appears, the battle of wills is endless. A new check should be done whenever a point of stress comes up. Meaning an important decision, change in plans, battle, etc. The item will often have its own ideas of what needs to be done. Bonuses for the battle of wills can depend on the situation. Once drawn the item does not want to be sheathed again and another battle of wills will ensue. I usually did 2 out of 3 otherwise they had to wait another 15 minutes before trying again.

The weapon can be very powerful…but is it worth it?

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