In this world, that question can be answered; Malt. Now in his middle years and seen as an oddity among magic users, he travels in a caravan hauled by his camel, in which his workshop and tools are kept and he spends his time on an evening crafting each unique toy and then imbuing it with the magic of life, animating them with the purpose of bringing happiness and peace to the children of a world that sometimes offers too little of both.

In his advancing years, his mission to see smiles spurs him on. Hoping for a peaceful future.


This is an extract from a story that began life as an RP between my partner and I. I hope to upload more of it in the future, if people would like to read about it.

I'm aware that it is a short entry to the Citadel and as such is listed under the 100 Word Challenge freetext. As I'm slowly getting back into writing, I hope to make longer and more in depth submissions.

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