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The Luzori mushroom is bland and unobtrusive, but at the same time, the most culturally important plant. The Luzori Grows on the Lover's Walls, the mountain range that stands on Tarran's south and Gaeioa's north sides. It resembles an egg, colored an almost white brown, though it bruises blue-green. In the summer, the Luzori open slightly, forming 'chimneys' that spew spores at a near constant rate.

The Luzori can be made into a form of paper, common throughout the twin continents. It dries a distinct white-lilac, and is valued for it's strength, even though thin. Rumor states that Luzori-paper documents have been found on Ishan, though definitive evidence has yet to reveal itself.

Lozi, a spicy, midnight blue drink is made from the mushroom during the winter by 'juicing' the remaining stalks. Luzori can also be made into a bland, bread, the same color as the mushroom, called Lyeson. Both have proved invaluable to travelers, and the as such, the mushroom has become the symbol of Stranger's Guild.

Perhaps the most important derivitave, is Luzeroint. Luzeroint is a latex-like flourescent, which is often used for decoration. When exposed to any amount ultraviolet ranges of light, luzeroint glows brighter than ten torches. The color of this luminescence is variable, changing with different materials applied to it. Luzeroint is black when not glowing, though because it is more likely to be used or seen in a glowing state, the glow color is associated with it. For instance, luzeroint designed to glow red is refered to as 'Red Luzeroint,' even when not glowing.

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The Knights of Grace and Mercy cover their armor in Green luzeroint, with their shields, helmets, and weapons covered in white.

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