The Luna Ring has no obvious purpose to the average wearer. Many previous owners of the ring never even knew its properties, simply admiring it for its looks. The ring doesn't even have a powerful aura of magic about it, merely a touch of power that many mistake for a failed incantation or weak effect. In truth, the ring holds no true power, and the aura it generates is merely a 'beacon' that pulls true power from the moon itself.

Made by ancient hunters, the ring enhances vision at night. While worn, it always appears as if the full moon is overhead, though no moon is visible. However, this effect does not work constantly, only when outside at night under an open sky. If the wearer concentrates on the ring and thinks of a living target within sight, once per week the that target will appear as if lit by moonlight for one day whenever the wearer views them.

However, there is a downside: increasing paranoia. Unless the wearer has knowledge of specific moon-worshipping rituals that originated with the ring, they will increasingly feel like they are being watched. On top of this is a growing sense of guilt for owning the ring. Such feelings are brought on as an effect to coerce the wearer into worship of the moon, but without the rituals required to sate this feeling, many users feel it is cursed and pass the ring to a new owner.

Item Description

A small ring, the Luna Ring appears to be made of intricately carved bone with a small stone set in a crown on top of it. The stone appears to be an inaccurate recreation of the moon, but to the average observer it resembles the moon enough to inspire the name.

However, it is not a reproduction of the moon, at least not in its current state. Indeed, the stone was fashioned in ages past, long enough ago that the surface of the moon has since changed. Truly an ancient piece of work, the ring was made by an early human civilization to honor and draw power from the moon for hunting in its name.


The ring initially held only a simple pebble which was shaped roughly like the moon, but by the primal energies of ancient rituals under stars long gone dark the ring was remade. Reflecting the moon off a pool of water through a crystal onto the ring, the essence of moonlight was embedded within. The pebble was reformed into the spitting image of the moon, and it has held that form ever since.


The ring can be destroyed by burying it under the surface of the moon and offering a prayer to the sun. Such a ritual would be difficult to arrange, but not outside the realm of possibility...

Plot Hooks

  • Those That Are Left: A remnant of an ancient tribe has stayed isolated from normal civilized society. They still practice the old ways, and their most powerful warrior wears a peculiar ring. But that warrior has disappeared recently, and the village elders have finally come forward to ask the party for help. They offer a possible place to search, but it requires going through a gateway to a place beyond...
  • Feral Assassin: Something has been happening in the forests around a sleepy hamlet: hunters are going missing on dark nights, and the village is getting antsy. While being told about this event, a man stumbles up to the party ranting about the 'man hunter'...
  • Archaeology and Deathtraps: An independent scholar of ancient artifacts enlists the help of the party to help them retrieve a particularly old object that is reported to be in an ancient temple deep in the forest. While he promises to pay extremely well, the party may have their doubts about the value of this venture...

Designer's Notes

This item is designed to be as little as random loot to as much as a serious quest item, depending on the need. Also, the item is intended to be a stepping off point for an upcoming sub about lunar worship by the ancients and their descendants.

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