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March 5, 2016, 4:09 pm

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Luciana Holt


Once a arcoban (arco-urban) chinpira, now a parapsychic burner under the influence of the Neogenecists

The chinpira are class of low level fixers who hustle goods and money back and forth from the geofronts to the arcologies, making sure that the rich kids and bored stay at homes get their jollies, and the bosses and castaways in the geofront get by. Luciana Holt was one such person. She specialized in small but high value goods, the sort of things that are easily hidden, or easily overlooked for a nice smile, and a lot of cleavage. It was a run like any other, a small container, easily *concealed* with a large payout on the other side. Luciana almost made the delivery before encountered a rival group of chinpira and their hired muscle. Holt was severely beaten, and in the process, the container was ruptured, leaking it's contents inside of her body. Where she started to absorb it, and then the problems really started.

Into the Fire:

Holt is a relatively attractive woman, a full face, nice lips, shoulder length blonde hair, and a figure that promises robust sexuality. Her manner was curt, and she had limited education and she knew she wasn't very smart. The less you say, the longer it takes people to figure out they're smarter than you. As a chinpira, she did low profile work, and on a few occasions would carry small items tucked inside her vagina. It happened that the small plastic container containing a complex psychohormone harvested and synthesized after a particularly nasty dimensional fatigue event.

The substance had been synthesized by the Neogenecists and was being moved through the geofront to avoid traditional means of smuggling the goods into a low level, largely off the grid research center. After the rupture, Holt began manifesting psychotic and parapsychic manifestations. During this period, she was tracked down and apprehended.

Effects of SX-6:

SX-6 is a parapsychic and cerebral activator, unlocking the latent parapsychic potential in those who consume it. In small doses, it can augment existing parapsychic powers, but is extremely addictive and eventually can lead to burning out said abilities, or inducing a lethal parapsychic burn, where the user becomes an open conduit for cosmic power until, like a fuse, they burn out. Small regular doses can induce low level parapsychic abilities in test subjects, but the powers manifested are not controllable, and are often not what was desired. This has rendered it less than useful for creating PK supersoldiers. Holt should have died due to her level of exposure. Traditional doses of SX-6 are measured in micrograms, and her level of absorption was almost 30 grams. Instead of going into a nervous system overload and organ paralysis, she erupted as a parapsychic.

Holt manifested as a category four parapsychic 'psyker'. Her abilities include telekinesis, mind control, emotion manipulation, bioregulation, and mental acceleration. Her IQ is off the traditional scale, and is comparable to middle range AI systems. She can control her metabolism, regulate hormone and healing factors in her body, can mind control up to a quarter mile away, and can lift approximately five tons via her powers. This comes at a cost, Holt is fundamentally unstable, as her massive IQ allows her to understand more things than she could ever possibly express. She is also classified as a technomancer as she can access and manipulate the CogNet without any hardware. There has been a toll on her personality, as she predominantly registers as autistic. In a state of sensory overload, she functionally becomes catatonic. In her catatonic state, her parapsychic abilities reach their peak, in which her IQ cannot be measured, her biorhythms are disrupted, and her ability to manipulate people and matter reaches frightening levels, including throwing mecha, crushing small buildings, and even pulling flying vehicles out of the air.

Not Just Another Pretty Face

Holt is currently working either for the Neogenecists, or they are working for her, at this point it's vague. Her former arco accent is gone, and she speaks in a smooth monotone, without inflection. She is also highly analytical, borderline emotionless, and unaffected by things like fear or pain. This is a steady divorcing from her former humanity, and over time, she is becoming less and less human, and something that has more in common with the cosmic horrors and alien intelligences encountered by Neogenecists.

Within a Neogenic team, Holt functions as a 'Brain' formulating plans and strategies, handling electronic surveillance, and data mining. On the ground she is an exceptional marksman, and nigh unstoppable in hand to hand combat. She can throw opponents out of the building, mind control them into fighting each other, or simply crush them against the wall, depending on her mood. In a good mood, her foes wake up hours or days later, highly disoriented and suffering from nightmares. On a bad day, it takes janitors days to clean the organic remains out of the walls, carpet, ceiling, and other infrastructure elements.

The Project

Holt is involved in building and programming a next gen AI. This machine, once activated, has the potential to become the most powerful system on the planet, and she is constructing it as a sort of monument to her former humanity, as it is a manifestation of her attempts to cling to what humanity she retains.

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Voted valadaar
March 11, 2016, 8:24
Neat NPC. Feels like some of the over the top characters in anime, which I believe was the intent :)



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