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February 20, 2007, 5:45 pm

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It is a popular view amongst magic-users, that most members of the Cult of Malidon are just bitter people, blaming magic for their private losses and defeats, often seeking to silence some other qualms with burning witches. For one low cultist at least, this view is completely wrong…

Special Equipment:

Being a poor man means to have little, and much travelling means even less. Carries a cheap bronze amulet he doesn’t even know where it could be from, but keeps it anyway. May have some documents with the cult’s propaganda, he will freely share to others of a similar mindset.


Loster is a man around fifty, though looking older, wearing shabby clothes and a disappointed look. If someone is willing to talk, then he will complain, expecting to hear the same. Unlike most such people, he is willing to work, and works most often as a helper of some sort, being not strong, or knowing any craft. It is soon obvious to anyone knowing him, that he is a loner, and will likely stay until his death. But at least that guy does what is asked from him, so people say. In his free time he is likely to be found in a tavern, sitting before a single beer all the time, listening and nodding to others, that can say it better. Obviously, the epitome of being uninteresting, and as most people think, dull.


Ancient History:
The High Elves were beings of great beauty, and unsurpassed magical power. As new races were created, they took them to themselves, to make them friends, or toys, or slaves as the centuries passed by. Then came the Age of the Great Conflict, when mighty heroes of legend, supported by the very gods, have freed the mortal races, and in some cases overcame the mighty Elves. And one of the heroes, now less known, and less respected, was Malidon.

The power of this hero was in inspiring people to freedom, and fight against oppressors, and in withstanding the great magics, the High Elves were masters of at the time. But invariably, even his partial immunity to all forces magical resulted into the most spells being hurled at him, out of the hate of the long gone Masters. What happened to him, the legends don’t tell, but some people until these days follow his example, and fight against magic-users. The fact the common wizards don’t have even a fraction of the powers of legend is not important to the cult, they fight against the slavery that _might_ yet come. Some say they only indulge in violence and hate, some people still support them. Now and then a new cell comes into existence, and is often destroyed after burning a few witches, but soon another takes its place elsewhere. So it was for hundreds of years, and so it will probably be.


What most employers, and anyone that gets to know Loster, soon find out, is his forgetfullness. Little details can become lost in a few moments, he forgets his duties in hours or days, and can fail to recognize even good friends (the few he finds), if he is separated from them for more than a few months. Claiming that some wizard or witch has cursed him, his life has few bright points indeed.

The ideal low supporter for the Cult, if there is a cell, he will be there, and agree with what the chief says. Though reliable, he won’t be let to much talking, as he has some irrational hatred for the Elves. And most cult leaders are smart enough to not target the Elves explicitly (in their speeches). There is nothing wrong with most Elves, they say, it’s the magic-users that shall be blamed. The quest is too noble to become racists.


Loster is, as you might have guessed, the legendary hero Malidon himself. The massive amounts of magic have changed him profoundly: he is now immortal (doesn’t get any older, to be precise). The forgetfullness is probably a side effect, or “merely” the result of being too long alive for a mortal.

Loster is the name he has given to himself, as a name for his own loss, and for the people that don’t trust anyone claiming to be a long-dead hero. This name he took to himself, and slowly has forgotten what he is, even his real name. At least his goals still live in him, and that is what gives him a reason to live.

As a hero he was, he has the natural (supernatural?) talent of finding people willing to fight for a cause. The great fight for freedom was won in those ancient times, but Magic was not defeated, nor expulsed from society. Thus he continues his fight, forever, and uselessly. Loster does not consider himself a leader (and so does no one else), so once the right people are found, he will assume his position somewhere along the bottom of the hierarchy, ignored.

Loster may have more abilities, than just “finding the right people”. He could be extremely good at argumenting for his cause (though the arguments may be a bit outdated), and he certainly was a natural leader long ago. But after forgetting his past, and being too long too unimportant, he just plays the boring part, not being aware he started it all. Just right, he is his own cultist, and is proud to do his little part to advance the noble goals of that legendary hero. Not surprisingly, he even feels a special bond to this figure of the past…

Roleplaying Notes:

- Loster is in effect a slowly walking plot hook: if a cell he is a member of is defeated, he will move elsewhere, and a new one soon starts, seemingly out of nothing. It is impossible to stop the Cult permanently, until he stops doing what he does.

- After several conflicts with the Cult (probably in several cities), somebody could notice what is common: a single man. If his longevity would be revealed, he could be considered a demon of some sort, and be carefully examined, before destroying would be attempted.

- But if the truth is revealed, and he is made aware of it, there are many possible endings: from his suicide, up to becoming a leader in a large-scale holy war. Well, what to do with such a legendary hero?  He is old, too old perhaps to adapt to the new world. Should he be killed? Many people, many innocent people, have been murdered because of him, and his legend continues to do harm.

- As for personality (what remains of it), the main focus are his goals, that may seem Evil to many. But he is a honest man, willing to help people in need, and does not tolerate cruelty, or mistreating of servants. Sadly, his abilities have gone with old age (or maybe not, but so he thinks), thus he tries to help in little ways, sabotaging the evil-doer, or alerting authorities. As a hero, he simply can’t ignore certain things.

- Should there be combat, he _might_ remember some of the warrior’s instincts, but he is quite rusty. His resistance to magic would be impenetrable for most wizards. What’s worse, he might be able to coonfer it instinctively to others, possibly to other cultists, as they advance towards some magic-user.

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Comments ( 4 )
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May 31, 2004, 6:53
Not bad at all. The hero that the world (himself included) has forgotten, and yet he is still fulfilling his beliefs, though only semi-consciously.

May 31, 2004, 15:07
This is a walking time-bomb, fellows...heroes are dangerous, and if this one awakens, woe to the mages and sorcerers!
A wonderful character, with rich history, and a booby trap for the players - a low key adversary who keeps popping up, unimportant NPC to be kicked or pushed around, a somewhat befuddled old fellow... :D If he is immune to sorcery, is he also resistant to magical weapons? Because if so, a higher level party would have a hard time harming him at all, having enchanted everything including their fists...

And then, there is the possibilty that someone finds a dusty tome somwhere, and there is a portrait of guess whom...and then, Loster crosses his way, and hilarity ensues...
May 31, 2004, 17:58
Interesting, not bad at all.

Voted valadaar
January 8, 2014, 12:07
An interesting character who could be adapted to many purposes. One person's hero might be another's villain.

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