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August 4, 2017, 4:39 pm

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Logeko the Vile


A shuddering heap of corpses and rotting soil, Logeko the Vile is a demon of of death and decomposition

We entered the Necrohol of Cairaw, and were well girded for the dead we found there. Holy water, blessed steel, priestly vestments, censers of sweet herbs, the full kit. We slew our way through the ranks of the undead, ready to bring the pain to whatever necromancer or nethermaster had inhabited the Necrohol. We were accosted by Logeko the Vile, and we thought ourselves prepared. I stuck true and cut the demon's rotting head off. Quite to our surprise, the headless body picked up the festering skull and threw it at us. Our ranger took the blow to the chest, and when the rotten skull burst open, the miasma of poison and flesh tearing horrors that spewed out killed her. Logeko simply sprouted another putrescent head and then, with a macabre cackle, ripped it off and threw it at us, another death bomb in out ranks.

Appearance: Logeko the Vile is a well known and documented demonic manifestation. The entity takes it's form from the corpses and soil of a desecrated cemetery or mass grave and appears as a roiling mass of filth and human remains. The demon is a large creature, nearly 12 feet tall and easily as long. The demon's body is a rough pillar with a snail like foot, and it moves slowly by rolling forward on this rippling foot. The upper body is composed of dozens of corpses, with two arms and a massive maniacal head.

Stench - Logeko the Vile has a horrendous stench, and heroes who fail their checks are left gagging and choking on the perfume of the grave. Those that do make their checks are still daunted by the reek and take according distraction penalties. Simple proximity is enough to overcome some weak constitutioned individuals.

Aura of Death - the freshly slain rise quickly in proximity to Logeko. They are advanced zombies, retain half of the skills and abilities, and corresponding stats, but only physical. Slain magic users and clerics have no magical skills or powers. Heroes defeated by Logeko become powerful Death Knights for the demon.

Invulnerable - Logeko has no internal organs and is not corporeal in nature. As such, it is immune to all non-magical weapons. Only magic, clerical powers, and the elements of fire and water can harm the demon.


Fighting Logeko is a fools errand. While not particularly strong, and not martially inclined, Logeko is a potent magic user, with a non-surprising specialty in Necromancy. It can also manipulate the element of Earth. The demon will protect itself with a host of basic undead, and a circle of 'death knights', the reanimated corpses of exceptional and strong individuals who the demon slew. If pressed into direct combat, the demon will use use it's magic at close range, will heal undead soldiers, and will use infernal summoning magics.

The Exploding Head - Logeko's favorite attack is to throw it's head at a foe in a grenade/artillery attack. The head bursts open to deal necromantic splash damage to foes within a modest range. This manifests as horrific wriggling insects and worms that chew at the flesh of those caught in the damage zone. It only takes a few turns for Logeko to regenerate it's head and throw it again.

Claw Spells - mimicking the infamous Bigby's Hands spells, Logeko will cast Logeko's Grasping Claw to immobilize heroes to allow it's undead to flank them and tear them apart. Logeko's Raking Claw pushes a target back and inflicts moderate wounds, and so forth.

Summoning - Logeko can use it's magic to summon clay bound corpses as a line of last defense. It can also summon, at high cost, tainted earth elementals, gravehounds, and other entities aligned with earth, death, and decay. It is loath to do this, as this weakens Logeko, and leaves it in debt to the things that answer it's call for aid.


Logeko is fairly easy, and rather cliche, to summon. It's summoning spell can be found in most reputable (irreputable?) black books of necromancy or demonology. It is a relatively low level terrestrial demon, and not attached to any of the hosts of Archdemons or Devil Princes. It is generally summoned as a mentor for aspiring infernal necromancers, nethermasters, sacromancers, and those generally interested in raising the dead. Logeko is relatively easy to summon, bind, and otherwise placate. It likes to have a sullied graveyard, mass grave, or other repository of corpses to move into, and fresh offerings of dead. It is also rather, and oddly fond, of dogs.

Plot Hooks

Boss #1 - the PCs are ready for their first real challenge, no more kobolds, goblins, and oozes. They must find the lair of the Necromaster, and before they can fight him, they must face the undead host, then Logeko, then divested of magic power, they must make the choice of killing the necromaster (and run the risk of making him into a more powerful undead a ways down the story road) or making him a prisoner for his crimes.

Halloween Horror - Logeko is messy and nasty, good for a one off Halloween themed game, as it shares some similarities to the Headless Horseman, and lots of dead bodies.

This isn't even my Final Form - Logeko has defiled the Obtort Ward and fueled by it's necromantic bounty has risen to enormous power. Rather than 12 feet tall it towers above the ward belching out laughter and filth in a corpse raining recreation of Night on Bald Mountain ala Fantasia. The PCs have to find the greatest and most powerful weapons they can before a newborn necrogod climbs out of it's death cradle to slay the world.

Additional Ideas (1)

As well as it's head and the other dangers, it could have 1 to 6 Urn Beasts to throw at the PCs as well.

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Comments ( 2 )
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Voted Cheka Man
August 4, 2017, 22:14
A very dangerous beast to fight.
Voted Strolen
August 5, 2017, 15:10
Exploding heads. Good golly gee whiz Scras. LOL

I did laugh when I read the "perfume of the grave" that was awesome!

Fun, descriptive undead. Love it.


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