Lisa deHansen wears a red tunic with loose gray pants that hang down to her ankles. She usually goes barefoot or in leather slippers. Her hair hangs down to her shoulders and is a blondish brown streaked with paler shades. She has blue eyes . She wears her arrow quiver most of the time.


From the very beginning the deHansens saw their daughter's penchant for un-noble like behavior. Easygoing and casual, uncaring about education or politics, Lisa would never become a well behaved noble of the Realm. So it was with trepidation that they went to their respective deathbeds, as she was their only heir. For the first few weeks, Lisa stayed as her parents had wished and ran the estate (Not very well, mind you) but all the time she was aware of the suffering of the poorer people of the Realm. The king's taxes made paupers of them, while the wealthy profited from trade. And so Lisa passed control of the castle to her faithful retainer, Olbzan, and went into the forest to learn the arts of the ranger. Now, like a female Robin Hood, she robs from the rich and gives to the poor of her former lands, and her lord the Duke Olbzan pretends to honor the King's orders for her capture. She is extremely easy going and casual, often to the point of appearing half-asleep when she is bored (Which is often).

Roleplaying Notes:

She is kind of like a hippie or a rastafarian: Easygoing, carefree, casual. Even when she appears half-asleep, she could fire an arrow into the eye of a lizard from five-hundred feet away. If the players look rich and carry a lot of expensive stuff or gold, she may rob them (Service with a smile, of course)and then they may encounter her later giving some of their riches to poor folk.

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