The long, blazing red locks that bracket the long, sinuous frame of Lilith-1 set off the pale skin of her broad, strong face, nearly, but not quite masculine in its appearance. Accordingly, she favors a variety of black clothing, primarily jumpsuits cinched at the wrist, waist, and ankle in order to give them a semblance of shape.

While the time is mostly past for her to bear arms, when it is required, she will generally bear a heavy pistol of some sort on her right hip, and a jian on her left, while her jump suits sprout ceramic armor plating.


One of the first handful of machine-beings to be created by the half-mythical Dr. Orak, Lilith-1 still clearly remembers the first strikes against her race by the technophobic, the terror and flight for her life. And that, to this day, still sears her soul.

When Orak’s assistant had the presence of mind to name the machine-people indivdually, she took the time to ask each what they wished to be when they were adults. And the gangly red-headed female machine responded, 'I want to be strong enough to be a free woman.' It was with a deep, rich chuckle that the assistant responded, remembering her line’s ancient mythology, 'Then, free woman, I name you Lilith, after the woman who stamped her feet and demanded freedom of God and Man.' And to that dubbing, Lilith took.

As she grew in the time of flight, of terror, every step she took was towards that goal, the goal of strength for herself and the children she knew she would eventually bear, the arts of life and war becoming hers to command. And in time, it was Lilith who finally went to her brothers and sisters, and stood before Lif, who had take up the mantle of leader of their fledgling race, and stamped her foot upon the deck, and spoke, 'This ends, and it ends now. We are not mere machines, nor are we devils. We are the Oraki, and we will have our homeland, and there, we will stand for what is ours, and what is our children’s, and our children’s children’s. I will stand. Are you with me, or will you slink into the night like whipped curs, before our creator’s blood?' And though he was sorely pressed by his ego, to assert his dominance, Lif saw the fire in her words, and he knew the wisdom of them, that to run forever would only result in the end of all they knew. And he bowed his head, and nodded. 'We will stand.'

And so, they searched, settling upon the world that would become their Sanctuary, and she, in conjuction with Lif, as his equal, directed its construction. And in turn, they began to breed, and though submitting to the need to deepen and broaden the pool of their gene-analogues as much as possible, she yet found herself returning to the one who she lead with as much as possible. And each of her children, she anointed in the red oils of rememberance, so that she would never forget the trials that led them to Sanctuary. And those children, too, she directed to anoint their children, so that they would never forget, in their turn.

And even as she did this, deeper and deeper into Sanctuary her siblings and her children dug, so that when the enemy came, with fear on their minds and God on their lips, they would be ready…

Roleplaying Notes
While primarily a background character, if encountered, Lilith has a fierce and independent personality. While it is possible to convince or cajole her into a certain course of action, it is impossible to order her. Even Lif, her ‘husband’, may expect only cooperation at best, for she will humble herself to no creature.

She is an excellent coordinator and planner, both civil and military, and will maintain herself at the heart of the Oraki government for as long as she is able to make decisions.

In many fashions, she considers herself the mother of her entire race, and will defend them with all the gusto of a cornered tigress defending her cubs. To many of the latest generation, she is a half-mythical figure, and there are some who will swear oaths by her name. While she will attempt to stamp the practice out as long as she is alive, there are a few distant corners who have begun to think of her as a mother-goddess of a sort, though there are few customary forms of worship as of yet.

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