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A lash of finely braided flax entwined with the beard of a saint. Fully extended it is six feet in length. It is usually stored in a fantastically detailed ebony case which itself is worth a king's ransom.


Saint Cyinso was renowned for his piety, and his beard, never cut, reached his toes. He was a staunch foe against the walking dead and beings from beyond, giving his life in combating them. It was only natural that on his passing, his beard would become a relic and strands of it spread far and wide. One such strand was kept at the shrine built in his name on the great pilgrimage route to the Peak of Sorrows.

It would have stayed a simple relic if it were not for a demonic attack upon the shrine. When the foul being violated the sanctum and began to slay the parishioners within, one of the children present - perhaps though divine inspiration, seized upon the holy relic and lashed out at the demon. One flick and the demon was cowed, leaving naught but a cloud of sulfurous stench. What was once a curiosity became legend. To better fit an item of reverence, and to protect it from damage, the strand was woven into a flaxen cord of the finest quality.

Magic/Cursed Properties

The lash, while of little use in punishing those of flesh and blood, will mete out great pain to those of unholy supernatural nature. Undead, evil spirits and all manner of deviltry are subject to significant damage if they so much as touch the lash. In the hands of child a demon will cower. In the hands of one filled with righteous wrath, the fell will be dispatched to the hells that spawned them. The lash itself cannot be damaged by those of infernal nature, and it is very difficult for any others to destroy.

For those universes where it exists, this item is heavily endowed with positive divine energy.

Its conversion into a true holy relic has given it a special aura that imposes onto it's bearer some of the qualities associated with the Saint. As mentioned Cyinso was known for his piety and beard length, along with his tireless pursuit of the undead and demon. Anyone who bears the lash will also be influenced in this direction, not cutting their hair and driven to combat beings from beyond. Other odd quirks could easily be added to the list - perhaps the Saint never ate meat, would not allow 'witches' (Any non-divine caster) in his presence, etc.

These may have actually had no basis in reality - they are the effects of the current worshippers misconceptions about the long dead saint. Maybe even hatred towards different races could be so imposed - though the saint in life did not hold such beliefs.

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