Kor’na’Nath is tall and beautiful, even for a Kel’Regar male, standing nearly 215 cm tall, his frame bearing almost 130 kilos of mass in its smooth, graceful manner. His skin is the color of warm cream, while his hair glints a brilliant silver beneath the harsh light of the sun.

In the manner of his people, he wears a living garment at almost all times, the membranous green creature clinging tightly to his body, almost like a second skin.


Kor’na’Nath was born, as all Kel’Regar men are, in the fields of the jungle, and deposited nearly immediately at the nearest men’s commune. Fully ignorant, and completely uncaring of his parentage, he swiftly became immersed in the culture of the commune, showing a special talent for the arts, especially music. It was strongly likely that he would have remained in his commune, as most men did, composing great works of music, and dabbling in the sciences, were it not for a new kind of report coming in from the outside, one which with he was most facinated. Reports of strange aliens, whose sexes worked together. Of stranger aliens, who were made of iron and plastic instead of flesh and bone. And most of all, of strange creatures who had no arms and legs, merely bodies of crystal and mind. The strange harmonies of these aliens resonated in his mind, and he could not hope but to think of them constantly. And every woman who met them, he asked of these things, and he began to compose.

His song was a new one, of a theme never heard before on Regar. It was a theme of cooperation, of what could be done as a world-commune. Despite the danger, he began to travel between the communes, to sing his siren song of unison. And it was heard. And he sang his song to males, to females, and e’en to the strange crystal ones, who could hear his thoughts and his songs, and who spoke directly into his mind. And there, in the fields where he planted the seeds, the harmony of his song took root, slowly blossoming, though it took many a decade. And when time came to choose one to lead all the communes and bands, they chose the one who planted the seeds, Kor’na’Nath. And his title would be Lan’Kel’Lahn, which translates, very poorly, into Terran as ‘Composer of the People’s Harmony’.

Roleplaying Notes

The Lan’Kel’Lahn nearly completely lacks the aggressive nature that is so prominent in the females of his species. Instead, he controls his people through the Song of Harmony. Deep within the Kel’Regar mind that hears it, the Song implants the desire to work together, to advance as one great ‘Kel’, or people. Through this, the Lan’Kel’Lahn gives his people the confederative organization they need to survive in the universe. And this, in truth, is his primary goal. He understands well that there are those in the universe bent on destruction and enslavement, and that only chance had protected his people before.

Comparatively, Kor’na’Nath is a wise, and effective ruler, though he has done little as of yet besides unite his people, and lay the grounds for the great Seeding of the Stars. His people would spread among the many planets, even though it would take so much time. As of yet, he has faced no major wars, though his people have skirmished with a strange, warrior tribe from spinwards.

To deal with the Lan’Kel’Lahn is the great frustration of the human Ambassador, Bennett. Despite the Lan’Kel’Lahn’s great motivation (for a Kel’Regaran male), Bennett finds that the Lan’Kel’Lahn is lackidasical and whimsical, and finding the man putting down the text some treaty or another in the forging to play a flute or smell some daisies, right in front of the Ambassador would incite tremendous rage in the man, except that he just can’t seem to feel it anymore. All his other desires function as normal, but something, be it the air, be it the Song, keeps him from growing angry. Bennett himself, who is completely in the grasp of the Lan’Kel’Lahn’s Song, is beginning to suspect himself mad. But things are too nice here for him to be completely mad, aren’t they? Crazy people are unhappy, and he’s certainly happy. How many years has he been here? Really, that many? But there’s still sooo much to do.

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