Special Equipment:



Counting 16 years, she is a cute girl of golden hair and deep blue eyes. She uses a white simple dress who represents her purity. But her beauty is a mask for her true appearance. She is a cruel ruler, cold and bloody.


Kaiser, the king and Tempest of the land, had twin, a boy and a girl, but he never knew it. Dark forces manipulated the events and made disappear the boy. Now the sweet girl is controlled by this dark, that tries to plague the land with terror. As choosen of Hydros, the great Titan of Water, Celia is the queen and priest of the kingdom, and she has access to some elemental magic.

Only the arrival of her brother, lost for all but still alive, will be able to face this reign. The confrontation of the brothers is at hand.

Roleplaying Notes:

You are cruel. Anyone who oppose you must die, is that simple. But that doesn't mean you must be ugly. You can order the execution of anyone with a cute smile, or torture rebels without neglecting your hair.

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