Amanda Morgan

Morgan exists as a counterpoint to the main character (my wife's character) and many of her mannerisms and actions are tailored to be a rival model. 

Morgan is a brunette with solid driving skill, but is on a personal level borderline unlikable. She is a bully, and maintains a clique of like minded action and car oriented girls and their boyfriends. She comes from a damaged family background and is driven by a massive inferiority complex as she constantly saw her mother as weak and utterly subservient to her father so she strives to be strong and domineering and not a doormat. The Morgans are upper limit of middle class as her father owns a car dealership and an auto performance shop. On a more personal level, she has a degree of insecurity as she is a closet bisexual but will not admit to herself that she is attracted to women. Her key attribute is Hostility.

Alice Hayes

Alice is a Servant/Sympathizer and functions as a go between for the main character and the main rival, Morgan.

Hayes is short and petite, with pale skin, dark hair, and a quiet manner. She doesn't speak out, and will only bring herself into a conversation if addressed, or if she has been instructed to deliver a message. She is at heart a follower, though her loyalty is somewhat questionable. She gravitates towards strong leaders in group dynamics, but also will follow sympathetic and charismatic characters. Her background is largely blank because as a wallflower, no one has expressed any interest in her family or where she comes from. I find this curious because having created her not even I considered this. Her key attribute is Subservience.

Rain Ocampo

Rain is an action oriented banner carrier. She is not a leader, but is a born second in command. She is also part of the cavalry when the main character goes off and does something foolish.

Rain comes from a military minded family of immigrants from the Dominican Republic. Her father joined the army, and in time, Rain expects to do the same thing. She is attractive, athletic and has a bad temper. She comes from a family background that was heavy on discipline and as immigrants, being thankful for the good things in America. This often places her in contention with spoiled brats and other ungracious or petty sloppy chaotic unorganized people. She is a strong voice of reason, and her key attribute is Honor.


A newcomer, Genesis is both an alternative lifestyle NPC and a tank. 

Genesis is the neo-hippy California name adopted by Stephanie Hapscomb. She is a big girl, pushing six feet tall and broad shouldered like a man. She isn't particularly pretty, more average than anything, but she has been accepted by the pretty girls and is one of the 'Heathers' or Mean Girls. She wanders between vegetarianism and vegan lifestyles, dislikes eating meat or using animal products like leather. She is also constantly concerned about being perceived as fat or a gargantuan freak. She is a team player and an athlete, and meshes well with Morgan (leadership) or Ocampo (discipline). Her father is a martial arts dojo owner, and her mother is a dietary blogger. Her key attribute is Sportsmanship.

Kitt McGregor

The PC 

Google California Girl and the result should likely be Kitt McGregor. She is tall, blonde, drives a hot car, and surfs. She is a walking problem with authority and lack of impulse control personified. She has a magnetic personality, drawing other people to her, but has a small circle of friends since many girls openly dislike her (haters gonna hate) and fewer guy friends since all the guys want to do it hump like dogs. She has attracted a small clique of friends to her, who are not threatened by her appearance and gravitate towards her somewhat eccentric nature. She isn't afraid to get in a fight, but she doesn't really know what fear is. She is a daddy's girl at heart, but her father owns a mechanic shop and is a peace keeper (Matthew McConaughey from Dazed and Confused) and is a bit of a skease. She has an estranged relationship with her mother, who is the serious stern parent, and a Pure Romance saleswoman. 

Koriander Andrews

Koriander, or Kory is the red headed Alice tired of Wonderland

Koriander is a tall girl with starkly red hair, and is frankly tired of all the ginger jokes. She comes from a decidedly strange household as her father runs a Medical Marijuana Dispensary and her mother is New Age movement enthusiast who works in a holistic and pure foods store. So, between her hair, pothead dad and anti-pharmacologist mother Kory would really really just like a piece of normal. This creates a frustration based dynamic because many people expect her to be a vegetarian pothead sex freak and she just wants a cheeseburger and to hang out with people who aren't douchenozzles. She is outspoken because she just can't put up with the crap anymore and is not accepted by the Heathers and is instead part of a fringe clique. Her key attribute is Serenity in the face of the absurd

Nikki Blake

Nikki is a girly girl and counterpoint to the jeans and no make-up

Nikki Blake is a girl's girl. She is very interested in decidedly female things, make-up, dresses and skirts, pretty shoes, poetry and sappy movies. Being willowy thin, pale, and blonde everyone expects her to be a lesbian vegetarian waif, when she is just a petite eater, likes meat quite a lot and regularly has different boyfriend tributes. All this being said, she is very smart and a capable planner and organizer. She is almost constantly being underestimated as being weak, silly, and stupid because she wont raise a fist and shout girl power. Her key attribute is Intelligence.

Kye Adams

Kye is the stressed but level headed second in command

The Adams' are an interesting couple, Mr Adams is a former Navy officer turned lawyer and Mrs. Adams is a native Hawaiian paralegal. Kye is tired of people mistaking her for being Hispanic, since she is half Polynesian. Her parents are wealthy, well connected, and demanding and expect their daughter to follow in their footsteps, own a Mercedes or a new Jaguar at 21 and find a husband, get married and have kids by 24, and establish her own law practice by 30. There is a schedule. Kye would gladly give up just about all of it because she sees that the expensive cars and big house don't make her parents any happier than anyone else's parents and she knows she isn't happy with the constant demands. She could be one of the Heathers, but she sees them as being fake and doesn't want to be part of their clique. Her key attribute is Integrity.

Miranda McGregor

Miranda is the prodigal daughter and younger sibling

Miranda was given up for adopted when she was 4 and the PC was 6, and over a decade later has made her reappearance. She is physically similar to Kitt, appearance wise, but she is cautious and guarded, and an emotional foil to her older sister. She bounced from foster home to foster home before escaping the system to end up on the streets. She was rescued by her older sister, but there is a huge deal of friction between them. Miranda resents her birth family for throwing her away but has spent long enough living in an alley,stealing begging and doing other things for food and money that she keeps almost all of it to herself. But this being one of my games, Miranda knows the secret, she knows what the monsters are, what they want, and how to identify them and kill them. This is a point of conflict because Kitt thinks her little sister is batshit crazy, and Miranda says that one of Kitt's friends is an honest to God monster in disguise. Her key attribute is Survival.

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