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January 17, 2007, 3:47 pm

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King Thyr


My Queen should be pleased that Aurixia cannot grant me an heir, for if my dragon could give me a child I would have no use for the woman or her dubious charms…

Attributed to King Thyr, from the Book of the Black Rose

Of the annals of the Old World, there are few names that stand so high as King Thyr of fallen Iacon. In those days of such might and magic, Thyr stood head and shoulders above the rest of the luminaries of the day. He is recorded as being a giant of a man, standing nearly six and one half feet tall and having shoulders as broad as a longsword. He had a long mane of golden hair, wore a beard and mustache and was in many aspects the living epitome of the grace, integrity, and might of that age. Contrarily, he elso espoused the arrogance, vanity, and greed that eventually brought the Old World to a crashing end.

Roughly 1000 years ago, at the end of the Old World Thyr served as a great King who was subservient only the Emperor of Aterrizar, who sat in the Golden Halls of Nahal. His wife came from the haughty and proud Ithracian Sea Kings, her temper like a winter squal across the sea, her eyes like sun sparkled sea-foam.

But Tireis was not his most notable companion, that honor went the Aurixia. Quite stunning, the Queen paled next to the golden glory that was Aurixia the golden dragon. Aurixia had a long and sinuous body covered in scales that shone like brightly polished gold pieces, and her wings fanned out seemed to hold the light witihn their membranes, turning it into a panoply of warmth. It was by fate and happenstance that Aurixia came to Thyr as a mount and a companion, rather than a fierce foe. It happened that the King, then a Knight came across the wounded Dragon.

Rather than dispatch the creature, Thyr took it and mended its wounds and nursed it back to health. It was not long before a mutual respect and friendship grew between the duo. Soon, Thyr dismissed his groom and sold his fine warhorses, trading them away for an eyrie to house Aurixia, his new mount. He ordered a special saddle to be made so that he could ride her, but it was by mutual consent that he rode, for she was proud and would bear neither bit nor bridle.

As a King of that illuminated age, Thyr was as much an accomplished sorcerer as he was a puissant warrior and orator. Clad in burnished steel armor, wielding a lance, he became almost the iconic image of the Old World, mightly, lofty, and entirely too confident.

Special Equipment
Aurixia, while not equipment, was constantly at Thyr’s side, either in her magnificent draconic form, or polymorphed into the image of a golden feathered eagle who rode his shoulder. She had considerably abilities from her draconic blood, the least of which included bewitchin people with her eyes, a literally swallowing of the soul that left the victim helpless so long as she could hold them in her eyes. She could also cast healing magic, and breathed a gout of scalding green fire that could melt metal. She was also rather fae and loved to preen Thyr when in her eagle form.

He also had a suit of enchanted plate armor that emulated the effects of dracorex steel as well as a sword of flame that was hand forged by a lava elemental and blessed three times by Ixia, the Silver Forge.

Roleplaying Notes
King Thyr was an absolute monarch, and in his domain he was the sole voice of authority. The Council of Elect was his tool for dispensation of the law and his will, and not an actual part of the ruling government. If words did not carry his will, then he enforced it with his skill at arms, and his command of pryomantic magic.

This absolutism was married to a dracophilic mania. Thyr had a collection of dragon relics and paraphenalia that was without match, some say that the Black Spear even graced his wall. his armor had a dragon motif, his tapestries had the same. There is reference to a running joke that the only thing in his house that was not draconic was the Queen, just being a nag herself. Obviously the pinnacle of his collection was Aurixia, the golden dragon.

Into the Heavens
Thyr was one of the many heroes who fought in the Nightmare war. Many a cosmic horror and demon was blasted back into the sunless void by his sword and spell, with a similar number crushed in Aurixia’s claws as they fought valiantly to defend Nahal from the onrush of evil. Eventually the rush overwhelmed the duo, and after two days of battle Thyr and Aurixia were felled.

After the war was ended, Ixia took up their image and hung them in the northern sky as the constellations of the Serpent of Stars, and the Warrior Thyr, whose name now means light.

Plot Hooks
Fallen Heroes - a rumor has surfaced of Thyr’s crypt, a tomb laden with the ransom of ten kings and enough magical firepower to decimate the entire Emerald order two times. Do the PCs attempt to loot and plunder the tomb, should they find it, or is its sanctity protected.

God’s Will - The Trinity has raised Thyr to a saint and Aurixia as well, both serving as patrons of battle and sorcery. Is there a connection between Golden Aurixia and Sangia?

Thyr’s Ghost - A medium claims to be able to channel Thyr’s ghost with a shard of bone which he claims to be one of his knucklebones. A few months later, he is encountered again, same story, but it is a different bone. Is he parting their lost corpses, or is he a proprietor of false relics?

This was started a few months ago in responce to Matan Thunder’s Melnibonean submission. I’m sure most of you remember that groaner. Thyr is my interpretation of the dragon-riding hell mage, though without reading any of the Elric Saga. Thank you.

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Comments ( 6 )
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Voted Murometz
June 10, 2006, 19:26
"Clad in burnished steel armor, wielding a lance, he became almost the iconic image of the Old World, mightly, lofty, and entirely too confident." Love that line! He single-handedly evokes his age and times, but is no Don Quixote!

An overall engrossing tale! All the links are apt.

Golden Halls of Nahal. In Russian, 'Nahal' (h prounounced) means a shameless, selfish, free-loafer. Fitting perhaps for an emperor :D
Voted Cheka Man
June 10, 2006, 21:37
5/5 and an HOH for this wonderful submission.
Voted MoonHunter
June 11, 2006, 12:34
How can you not just love this flawed king of the Arthurian mode? He adds a face to the history that one needs to truly understand it. Good job and nicely done.

There are some little capitalization and grammar errors, but they only slightly detract.
Voted Michael Jotne Slayer
June 16, 2006, 7:04
The only thing I would like more of is a more indepht description of his last battle. The introduction sort of promised me that his own confidence was his ban of sorts. Other than that this is a great historical figure that could function as a major plot hook or a red herring. Great work.

I will provide this post with a Scras;)
Voted Ouroboros
February 6, 2009, 5:29
Gosh darn it.. Why have I missed this? Its great, no more to be said. Simply great, in every aspect!

Voted valadaar
July 19, 2016, 8:15
A great mythic character, and certainly leaves open the possibilities of a lost half-dragon lineage too...

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